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A mother is one of the most important gifts we have in our lives and truth is no one could ever take her place in our hearts or our lives generally. Washington Irving once said ‘A mother is the truest friend we have when trials; heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.’ And what is even more interesting is what Mitch Albom had to say about this is that ‘but there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where you begin.’ However much different opinions, ideas or prospects we have from our mothers, there is nothing worse in this life than losing a mother.

When such a tragedy like losing or getting separated to your mother befalls anyone especially a child or a teenager most of us give up on life, get depressed too much and have so much negativity and bitterness towards life but what can be more stressing to a child is having the knowledge that they are going to have a step mother. Most of us have grown up hearing the fairy tale stories of step mothers whereby they are depicted like the witches in disguise; those so evil monsters in a human costume with long terrifying nails ready to kill us at any moment. And that is the picture most children have grown up with towards step mothers which makes them automatically have a negative attitude towards her even before meeting or getting to know her well.

Well, no one could ever deny that it really takes a beautiful heart to be ready to take care of her husband’s children with good heart and humility like they are her own children. We’ve heard so many stories in news of how children have been mistreated by their step mothers; some got burnt, some beaten up heavily for no good reason, some over worked, and some are used for illegalities while some are denied golden opportunities like basic education and food especially in the absence of the father. That was never the end of it. We’ve also heard of the step parents sodomizing the children, raping them and worst yet, leading to their death. It is so sad how much inhuman and ruthless step mothers can be but what many don’t know of is that we can never miss one good person in every ten people. Good step mothers do exist and what is even more interesting is that they sometimes give better treatment to the children more than the real mothers.

There are women with such golden hearts that are incomparable. They give the step children so much love and care such that a stranger would never know that she isn’t the real mother. And it is in circumstances like these that you find that it is actually the step children now, who are giving a rough and hard time to the step mother. It is true, it is never easy for anyone to imagine having another mother but we should understand that this isn’t a competition. No one could ever replace our mothers but maybe we should make space for other worthy people in our lives. So long as she is treating you good then giving her a hard time is just unnecessary.

Yet still, it is not only the step mother who has been convicted with such devilish crimes but step fathers too and even real parents have had cases of mistreating their own children. Therefore, it is high time we changed our theories and beliefs that are so stuck in our minds and give chance and space for reality to prove itself. No one wishes that their mother dies or parents separate and no one wishes to have a step mother or even a step father, but when circumstances force one into our lives then let us learn to accept them in our lives. She may not be like the real mother but she may just be like your guardian angel. Accepting such changes is important because it makes us move on at our own pace in life.

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Have you ever been caught in an embarrassing moment whereby a child shames you for a lie that you have said or what you hid from others? Well, many parents have been caught in compromising situations as such. It could be that day you made him or her stay at home because you were expecting visitors and the next morning you lie to the class teacher that the child actually had a fever. But just suddenly, he blurts out “but I never had a fever mum! You forgot we had visitors?” and you glare at him so hard that he shuts up that same moment. Well, it’s too late. Your secret has been exposed and not by anyone else but your eight year old son! You start stammering and the teacher just listens to you bluntly; they have seen search scenes quite a number of times.

Children are always observant to everything you do. They might not even mind to follow you wherever you went just so they acquire information. Just like how my baby sister would sit by the window for hours and keep asking my mother about everything that she found odd. She would ask how the next house is being constructed, why the ducks are chasing people around or why the door isn’t properly closed. She could actually be a good journalist for she is always alert on everything that happens. It is even more interesting how children challenge our minds with questions, leaving us speechless and this reminds of the day my baby sister went to the shop to buy sweets. She had carried the one shilling coins and the shopkeeper refused the coins, saying that they are of no use nowadays. The only thing she asked was, “if they are not being used again, how comes when you give me change sometimes you give me the same one shilling coins?” the shopkeeper obviously had no response to that and just accepted the coins.

Nonetheless, there are those other questions that don’t just leave us speechless but leave us wondering on the child’s thinking. Another question by my sister, one day just all of a sudden was ‘When people go to heaven, where do they use as the loo?’ Children actually have a wide imagination and they sometimes out smart us in what they ask and say.

If you want to know how a family lives, they say, look at how the child behaves. This is quite true and many times, the children adapt their parents’ behaviour around them and if not so, they will grow aggressive from what they see from their parents. I remember recently at a graduation when I saw a class two girl who kept glancing and perusing at storybooks at display for sale. It took me a moment before I asked her why couldn’t she tell her father to buy her one and she quickly blurted out a loud ‘no! He can’t!’ I slowly asked her why, and she answered me in the same loud tone, ‘ni mlevi’ and that really touched me. Maybe I will never forget how she said it because I realized that it must be affecting her terribly that she now considers it normal to say. It is clear that she has probably given up on her drunkard father and that he will ever buy her what she likes.

Children make up the brighter part of the world. They are the joy of the home and actually the reason why most girls ever want to get married. They have that special effect in our hearts and just look lovely as they fashion parade during their graduation ceremonies. Parents should take their responsibility and always remember that children are much sharper than adults could ever be. They need to see the best of the world at that age.

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School life is one of the most interesting phases that we go through. It is where we grow up, learn to be independent, become who we are as adults, form our personalities, create friendships that could last forever and the memories that you would live to tell to your children. Living through school life has proved to be quite tough especially with the 8-4-4 system where a class three child carries a bag that can pull them down due to the heavy weight of the books they have to carry. Many have dropped out, some repeated classes; some struggled through while others just had their tasty cup of tea of school life. However much you may have hated school you must admit there are memories of school worth keeping.

In every class we don’t miss the early bird. The one who is always the first to come to school and however early you try to wake up you would still find him/her there. This fellow isn’t really interested in school as such but what actually brings him/her early to school is the homework that he hasn’t done. He would struggle with the homework just until the arrival of the second person in class. He would quickly borrow the book and do copy pasting without even bothering to look how correct the answers are.

Then of course, there is always that late comer who is always late. Come rain, come sunshine he/she would still come after the class started. A child like this one, you would expect that they have exhausted all the sleep they needed but funny enough, he/she is still the one to dose in class. Most of the times, he is untidy and the homework is not done. Just one word to describe them; lazy!

Another interesting character is that intelligent child who would always perform highly in the exams but whenever you go seek help from them, they would always have an excuse not to help. He/she is clearly selfish with the knowledge they have and they would always prefer to study alone. During the exams seasons, you would always hear them complain of having not read ANYTHING and they would whine and panic so much to the extent of making you panic too. Funny though, when the results are out the difference between your result and theirs is incomparable. They could be topping all subjects while you are still playing safe at the average marks.

One of the characters that rarely miss out in every class is the one providing us with classic comedy; the one who doesn’t perform so well but still has all the stories to crack you up in all the lessons. Sometimes it isn’t even the right time to crack up a joke but they would still do it, however much inappropriate it may seem. They are always the class favourite. They create a lot of mischief and give the teacher’s a very hard time. Their performance may vary for there are those who were naughty but still performed excellently while others still performed awfully in their examinations.

I personally would never forget the ones that would give us a free drama to watch when it was their time to be punished by the teacher. The circus they do is just hilarious. They would scream even before the stick touches their skin and they would twist and turn round and round like a monkey in a cage. By the time they get the first stroke, almost five minutes have been wasted. This sometimes would just make the class teacher give up and let him/her go.

Another character that we all had to hate is the class teacher’s right hand side man. The one who would be very quick in reporting every small or tiny mistake we did which included you being a noisemaker just because you asked for a rubber from the next desk. They always yearned for the teacher’s praise and love and worked very hard to attain it by crucifying others and sometimes they weren’t even the class prefect or monitor.

The list could go on and on from the quiet and timid ones, to the bookworms, to the hardworking ones, to the ones who had two faces; the very noble one towards the teachers while they were in fact silent killers, to the ones who jut sat back and enjoyed all the dramas created by these different personalities, to the noisemakers whom without, the class would just seem abnormal, to the very aggressive ones, to the attention seekers etcetera etcetera. Without forgetting the kind of teachers we had varying from the very boring ones, to the very harsh ones, to the popular and likeable ones, to the story tellers that would spend half the lesson just narrating, to the lazy ones who would even drag their words, to the ones that were just a pain in the neck being very sarcastic, pessimistic and like a sadist in everything and to the teachers that dedicated all their time and even their free time to ensure the children have all they need. We all know in which category we fall in the above and though we may have had a tough time through but you will all agree with me, there is a time you just sit back and remember all these and laugh alone. Maybe it was worth it after all, for without all these experiences we wouldn’t be who we are today.

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Language is one of the most important aspects of life and without it, communication would have been impossible. With every generation, new vocabularies arose and a different language that they alone could understand. The youth always preferred a way to communicate among themselves that the elders wouldn’t get to ever know what they talked about. Maybe that is why, ‘lugha za mitaani’ never seized to grow. Just when the older generations caught up with the youth, they would purposely change into newly formed vocabularies. We had the ‘sheng’ that really threatened the official languages in school whereby students started applying it in their compositions and insha and even made it their commonly used language. Sheng really affected what could be called ‘pure English’ or ‘Kiswahili fasihi’.

Yet still, generations never seized to come up with new forms of language. Another one was the reversed way of talking whereby words are read backwards. Anita became ‘Atina’ and Amina became ‘Anima’ and much more of that. Apart from that, there are those who added the‘t’ and ‘r’ syllables in every word they said. ‘Wataka nini’ was said as ‘waratarakara niriniri?’ or ‘wewe njoo hapa’ became ‘werewere njoro harapara’. I remember how my classmates at high school would talk like that and so fast and it would practically take me some minutes before ever understanding what they were talking about. So when they laughed, I would be among the last ones to laugh when the joke was already stale; since I was slow in understanding their language.

With all that still, the most interesting way of talking was the direct translation one. It is very amazing how people quickly got to find shortcuts for themselves in language. I remember one time hearing a primary school student exclaiming ‘My mother parent!’ and it actually took me a minute before I understood that what she meant was the Kiswahili exclamation of ‘mamangu mzazi!’ When you ask them they say, we are supposed not to dare talk Kiswahili at school unless during Kiswahili lesson so they opted for direct translation. But what is even worse is that even the honorable people in the society have been caught doing the same. Without pointing fingers, one member of the parliament said ‘I am eyes’ to mean ‘niko macho’ when caught asleep in the parliament.

The youth actually find it fun to be talking in the direct translation form and well, I have to admit that it is quite interesting how fast they think. ‘Mum is scratching the coconut’ to mean ‘mama yuwakuna nazi’ Another example is how a boy was telling his teacher ‘my dad pulls the cigarette’ to mean ‘yuwavuta sigara’ but that’s not the end of it; they can actually write you an entire composition doing the same.

The most recent one and most widely spread is the internet language. Teachers have been made to cancel a lot of words in examination papers due to the effect of internet language. Words like ‘LOL’ for ‘laugh out loud’ ‘btw’ for ‘by the way’ tnx’ for ‘thanks’ among many others is what has made youths apparently ‘lazy’ in writing with correct spellings and proper language.

Well, it may be funny but the effect of it all is what is seen in the compositions and examination papers and students tend to fail miserably for such reasons. It is important that students know how to differentiate what is play time and when it is time to get serious with studies and



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A wedding is one of the most important events in anyone’s life after birth and before death. Everyone anticipates this day in their lives and wants it to be perfect; like no other. The marriage ceremony comes with a lot of merry along; the preparations, the invitations, the event itself and the tiring aftermath. Everyone looks forward to such an event. People go up and down to get the most unique attire to outshine everyone else in the ceremony while the bride and bridegrooms’ family busy themselves with preparing the couple, the bride’s maids, the food and much more. The event is as hectic as possible but this differs from family to another. While others would just go for a simple event whereby the bride and groom just go to the court with their witnesses and tie the knot as silently as possible, you won’t miss those who want a wedding that would strike people’s minds for the rest of their lives.

There are those who have gone to the extent of wearing a wedding gown worth hundreds of thousands and even a million; just for the white piece of cloth to be worn in one single day. To some, that may be termed as extravagance while to others, this is what we call, living it up to your best! If you have the money, why not?!

It has always been upon your pocket. There are those who have the cash and they do that major wedding to be written by many primary school students in their compositions for quite some years to come. They would invite up to a thousand people or more with the media personalities available too to capture the story. The bride and groom would come on a brilliant looking horse and the brides maids are wearing what seems to be like real diamonds. The food is spectacular and enough to feed twice the population available. Everything is so much beautiful and amazing but the most interesting part is when you come to realize that all the money used is from a loan or borrowed from some friends. Worse still is that maybe people had to do a major harambee for you to do all this while maybe your parent is sick and hasn’t been able to afford the hospital funds for months now or can’t even afford to buy some food for the family. Whereas that harambee could have been quite appropriate and useful if done for the sick parent, the huge amounts of money are used on a one or two day event.

I really admire those people who scratch their backs only where their hands can get to. Those people who simply go direct to the court with their witnesses and sign the papers and enjoy just to their abilities. It isn’t that they don’t want to have a big merry wedding but they know that in life, you should take it as it is. Others have used ‘tuk tuks’ and ‘mkokotenis’ (I actually saw this on news) to drive the newly wedded couple to the place where the event is taking place and these methods are quite unique in their own way. What is important is that the couple got to their destinations safely and sometimes the means don’t really matter.

Everyone has a different perspective of this. It is quite true that this important day should be made in such a way to be remembered forever by the bride and groom but yet still, priorities should be kept. It is rather ridiculous for someone to do such a huge wedding basing it on loans and then right after that, you two are all alone with huge debts to pay and maybe, you don’t even have utensils yet in your house kitchen or the bed you are using is borrowed. Some live for a lifetime without being able to complete the wedding debts. Worse yet, is when after such a huge wedding, a divorce happens in a spin of a year only! How sad that is!

Marriage is a whole new life being started from scratch and before taking huge loans to make big weddings, one should consider where they’ll be living first. Do we have the necessities in a house? A bed, some chairs or maybe a mat, some flour in the store? Such are the things one should consider first before anything else because taking priorities is quite important in a new life.

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Being rich is many people’s ambition and everyone is running up and down in search of money. It is what is creating a lot of misery all over the world; the reason for people being declared poor or wealthy. While all the poor are struggling to be wealthy, the wealthy are yearning to be wealthier so when is the end of this race?

What most people have never thought about is the other side of the coin about this issue. Being rich is associated with class but is this what we really want? A rich man is surrounded with cars, factories, huge houses and much more to fancy about. It is the majority’s dream to have their own bungalow, with lots of servants to serve them, a company of their own maybe? Well, as a matter of fact, the rich can’t do without the poor. They heavily depend on them. It is the poor who wash the clothes for them, iron for them, cook, and work for them in their companies and much more. In a sense, the poor are the backbone of the rich!

Apart from all that, let us analyze the lives of these two; a boss and his employee. The boss wakes up in the morning to go for work. It is the end month. His employee has already prepared the breakfast for the family, ironed his clothes for the job and is sweeping around the house. The boss finds a number of bills on his table; the water bill, electricity bill, house rent, company taxes and he has almost ten employees who are waiting for their salary on this particular day. As he leaves for job, he realizes he has to add more petrol to his car. He also has to pay the school fees for his three children who are studying at a private international school. Their mother has been sick for quite a while and she is admitted in a private hospital, he needs to pay the bills too. All these thoughts are in his mind as he drives. He is listing down all what he is required to do mentally. The machinery in the company also needs service. There is also the client he has to meet and pay off a large amount of money to which he was indebted. His company has gone through a loss this time and he needs to work on gaining it back.

The employee on the other hand woke up in total darkness. He took his candle, lit it up and started his preparations for the day. He went to the river, fetched water and took a bath. He goes to his small shamba picks some fruits to eat and walks to his work place or rides a bicycle there. His small mud house doesn’t need rent nor does he need fuel for his bicycle or money to buy food. He goes to work and uses his energy to earn money. The salary he gets goes to the small basic necessities likes clothes, cooking oil and washing soap. His children go to the public school and the demands are less compared to private schools and even if his family gets ill, he would take them to the public hospital. Sometimes he doesn’t even go to hospital. He would just go back to his shamba and pluck some herbs and boil it to use as medicine. His only problem arises when he is totally jobless but on the other hand, he doesn’t have much to think about like the rich.

It is for such reasons that majority of the rich end up being stressed up and depressed most of the times more than the poor. They eat a lot of starch and snacks and oil that makes them unhealthy and ill a lot of times more than the poor. There is a lot more of challenges of being the wealthy of the society. It is for this that we are supposed to appreciate whatever God has bestowed upon us for it is for sure, for our own best.

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The festive season always comes with a lot of merry and joy all over the world. It’s time for holiday and the beach coasts are full to the brim that when looked at from above, the people just seem like the safari ants all over the place. The traffic jams can be even more annoying especially when you have to take twice the time to get to your destination. The bus stations and airports are crowded and everyone is rushing in and out of towns and countries. This is the best season for hotel owners. The prices have doubled and the profit is just awesome! Customers are flooding into the hotel rooms daily and the night clubs couldn’t get busier.

Parents have always prepared for this season for as early as they can. Some start saving money as from June, with great plans for December. People don’t even mind to cut out the meat budget for the next six months, just to save for the holidays. Some go to the extent of doing extra jobs to earn extra money. Well, to what extent people can go with the preparations, is just unimaginable.

The children too are not left behind in all this merry. They could save their break time money throughout the year, and when December finally comes, it is time to break the piggy bank! Everyone has a plan ready. The girl wants to buy that new beautiful dress design that she saw at the boutique earlier on and the small boy wants the Benten toy car. The parents have budgeted for the chicken and more goodies to be eaten during Christmas and the travelling expenses to homeland.

During all this joy, everyone has forgotten that January is fast approaching and it is finally here! It is during this first week that parents remember that their children have to go back to school. Just after spending the last coins during New Year’s Eve, they start scratching their heads; there is no enough money to buy them books for the new class let alone pay the school fees. The house rent has to be paid and the landlord wants his debts paid instantly. It is now that everyone is crying in agony and full of stress. After joyfully singing merry songs throughout December, it is now that everyone is singing the gloomy, sad and touching songs. But out of the crowd, you won’t miss at least one or two smart ones who celebrated the festive season with a limit. They set aside the money for the fees, bought their children’s needs for school and house rent and thereafter is when they made plans on the holiday. They are probably smiling right now, reading this and feeling good about themselves for being responsible.

Well, every year, it is this same old story with Kenyans and I wonder when we will ever learn from the moral lessons being taught. Being organized is always very important and having a limit to everything we want is even more important. As they say, ‘do what you need and not necessarily what you want!’

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If only people could know when their last day would be then they would definitely arrange and critically plan everything of theirs well. It is at that moment that the person would start scribbling down their will and dividing their wealth before death separates them from their loved ones.

A will is a legal written or recorded document that says what is to happen to somebody’s money or property after they die. When a person is writing their will they surely know what they want and are sober with their decisions since witnesses are also available. When the person finally dies the only thing that could have pleased him, would be to see his final wishes being fulfilled. It is very important that everyone respect his last words and follow them to the latter. Whether anyone thinks the deceased took wrong decisions in his will or not, we should all note that our opinions don’t count in this situation.

This document has proved to be extremely important especially in our modern life where love for money outdoes everything else. Inheritance has caused a lot of misunderstandings, chaos, rivalry, divorces, and conflict amongst families. Many have seen how blood family members break up relationships all due to the yearning of the bigger share of the inheritance and while the will has helped a lot in such circumstances; in other situations it brings more conflict.

While some honest individuals would adhere to the will, some use it to their own benefit. They do what in the will would raise them in their status and ignores what could be a ray of hope to others. They take advantage of being responsible of fulfilling the will and many get to suffer from behind his/her actions.

Ironical enough is that, many of our ancestors set aside money for their children and next generations to come since when there were no banking systems to the modern technological world but yet still we have family members doing harambee in the neighbourhood to pay hospital bills. They have money and properties which are their right but they still suffer in the hands of a few malicious beings who are promoting themselves on the wellbeing of others. Fathers run up and down looking for scholarships and sponsors for their children education, they go through a lot of humiliation and hardships to ensure their families have proper education but who ever dared to face the people manipulating your legal rights of being taken care of using our ancestors money and property? No one dared…because we don’t want to break our blood relationships, because we don’t want to have rivalry between us, because we don’t want to seem ‘the bad ones’ by asking for their rights. The truth is, ‘truth is what should stand’ and if you don’t stand for your rights today then the vicious circle of manipulation will go on and on into your children and grandchildren generation to come.

We should be brave enough to ensure that life isn’t made tough to anyone just because some few individuals wouldn’t fulfill your rights. It’s high time everyone lived a better life than that of not knowing what I will eat tonight while your brothers are eating in plenty using your shares of right.

As for those given such a huge responsibility of sharing people’s properties as per someone’s will, be careful not to eat what is not yours today because one day you will also die and your family may be manipulated just as you did to other family members.

A will is like a trust and responsibility put in your hands, before God, before witnesses and before many people. Do always remember you will one day be accountable of how perfectly or imperfectly you attended and adhered to someone’s will. So beware…life isn’t that long enough.

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With the loss of great personalities like the Late Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Florence Nightingale and mother Teresa who were the greatest symbol of the word ‘humanity’ our world is going into a total different era. Humanity is marked by compassion, kindness sympathy or consideration for humans or animals without being malicious. Being humane has sadly and is slowly disappearing from the face of earth. Lust, war, crime, betrayal and violence are gradually taking over the universe while the good people left our lives one after the other. Whereas some people never gave up being ‘nice’ however much evil man can be, there are those who always had strong energy for destruction.

Maybe it is true what Andy Rooney said by ‘the average dog is a nicer person than the average person’ for the stories that live to be told, prove exactly that.

An old man narrates his touching story, some time back when he was working as a night watchman at a European based School. It was during one of those long nights in duty when a young lady appeared at the school gate, looking tired and in despair. She humbly asked for help from the old man for a place to sleep over night for she had no other place to go and she knew no one around. The young woman told her sad story of how she lost a large amount of money and some of her important documents. She was clearly a very learned lady, just caught up with misfortunes.

The old man, feeling pitiful, let her into the school compound and let her sleep under a mango tree. He asked for her phone for the night for security purposes and she agreed on that. The lady slept and very early the next morning, the old man woke her up so that she may leave as fast as possible, before teachers and directors of the school arrived and found her there. It was obviously a great risk he was taking and if caught, it would have cost his job. He quickly gave her the phone back and let her leave peacefully.

Some months later, the young lady was back at the school gate, pleading for help from the old man once again. The old man, knowing that she knew no one in Mombasa; he gave her another chance to spend the night under the same mango tree.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the end of the young lady’s trips to the old man. Months later, she came again to the school gate in search for the good old man but unfortunately, the fellow watchman informed her that the old man was at leave. She asked for his home address and took her route to his place. The old man was surprised at this third visit but none the less, he welcomed her in his humble home and let her stay with his family and helped with the little he had. He went ahead and helped her in search for a job and to get her money back. It was impossible to get her money back but she was got a job that suited her high education level.

The young lady soon started working and after one year of living at the old man’s house, she left. At her first months at the port, she visited the old man once in a while and showed appreciation. She even promised to help the old man when she prospered in her job. Soon later, the young lady was highly promoted and she became very successful and rich. She now forgot all about the kind old man, he refused to acknowledge him or even talk to him. The old man was deeply hurt by how the lady turned out to be but none the less, he avoided her completely.

Surely, what goes around comes around; the young lady was soon robbed off everything she had. After so long now is when she re approached the old man; not to thank him or regret her actions but to accuse him for the robbery. The old man was speechless and so shocked by her accusations and to date, the old man lives to tell his experience on the price of being humane. The young lady is still holding a big post and rich with all she needs while the old man still lives in his poor condition and just watches her from afar not wanting to even get near her ever again.

Expectations do hurt because when the human’s mask falls off and the real face is exposed, we definitely won’t like what we’d see. True to Sean O’Casey words ‘The entire world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.’

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Laptops, laptops, laptops!! It’s a brand new year again and for the children joining class one, this is going to be the best year in their school lives maybe. I can imagine how much they are anticipating this great action by the present government. We will surely be seeing public schools being flooded with new admissions into the school, after all, who doesn’t want a laptop?

It isn’t a surprise why any child would like the idea to join school in this year; you can’t blame them! Some never even had a touch of a pen and a book and maybe, they saw how their parents struggled to buy for their older siblings, the school stationeries. I bet even the older teenagers in the rural areas who have always rejected school and opted for agriculture and being shepherds, would want to join school this time. Maybe Kenya is really heading to the technological era of learning whereby students will be taught ‘B is for Bluetooth’ and ‘L is for Laptops’ instead of the ball and ladder we grew up hearing. Who knows? That could be vision 2020 for Kenyans!

The irony of this entire story is that while the government is planning on the laptop project, there are students in Turkana who don’t even have a place to call a school. They have their lessons under the trees, with no shelter to protect them from severe sun rays, with no desks to sit on and not even books to write on. For people like these, what effect do the laptops have on them? Is there any effect expected when they are promised such things when they don’t even have electricity? This sad story isn’t only in Turkana but in many other places in Kenya.

Apart from that is the fact that some of the teachers don’t even know how to operate the laptops let alone the children. They will learn, some of us will say. It is true; time is enough for everyone to learn new things but what of the consistent problem of teachers not being paid their salaries? Some people may agree with me that this is a more important issue to be dealt with rather than the laptop project. Many are still debating whether this is the right project to be done during this time in Kenya whereby problems are overwhelming.

For the class one children and their parents of course, this is hurrah for them. It is definitely a new year, with new resolutions and new goodies! I definitely wish to join you in your joy or maybe, it isn’t all that a bad idea that I should start class one again too. Now that I don’t have any sibling going to class one, this could be a brilliant idea to get myself a laptop! Apart from all that; to the beautiful children of Kenya, I say, congratulations for the coming laptops!