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I have a dream. Just so-big a dream that would make you stagger because of its weight, if I handed it over to you. It is what makes me wake up each morning with new hope, new faith and new dedication. There’s always something special about living your dream. It is what drives you to wake up cheerfully and ignore the Monday blues, the over-load of work on your desk or that your cat actually drunk your milk that was for breakfast. There is something more to it, some power…it is all hope that your bright day will soon come. It’s about having focus on what you want to do, being dedicated and putting in a lot of hard work. I met so many talented people in my life, people who actually sleep on what God has bestowed on them and expect just one day a miracle will happen and they will have all they ever wanted. Maybe they seize to realize that miracles ended with prophet hood or maybe they still live in the fantasy of that song we sang at kindergarten whereby the farmer luckily digs out some diamond: “Bwana Tumbo mwenye shamba alipanda viazi, akachimba chimba chimba akaona almasi! Lo! Lo! Bahati kwa mtu mwenye shamba!” is that so??

What makes a dreamer an achiever is the passion one has towards what they do, however difficult it may seem or how monotonous it may be, without complaining, but instead, doing it to their best. It is just like that stubborn maths sum that doesn’t want to be solved yet and X doesn’t seem to appear on your way but you keep trying till you succeed. This just reminds me of a regular quote by someone very special, my mum: ‘for you to succeed, you must try and try and try’ and yeah after all, nothing comes on a silver platter!

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If given a choice, majority of people would choose never to die and want to live forever. As for the rest few who would choose death, then it is probably the holy ones for believe they have a chance to meet their Lord and probably the ones who are facing so much misery in their lives and they think that death would be a relief to them. But maybe we should take a minute and picture our lives without death. Many would like the idea of such a life; all of us with our families living happily ever after, right? This is the first thought that would come to mind but there is definitely more to it.Death is one of the most dreaded and hated things in life. We all don’t want our loved ones to part away from us and we all wish we could have our parents for as long as possible. But death was never predictable, whereas the old woman whom everyone thought would die in a few days, lived longer while the teen just got involved in an accident and passed away. That’s how unpromising tomorrow is because it may never come. Many tend to live in fear on how death would come to them. Would they suffer cancer, diabetes, AIDS or maybe a stroke would be the reason of their death? Or would their death be sudden like someone just slept and never woke up or he had an unexpected accident or he slipped down the stairs and died? We all wish we could know how our end would be and maybe prevent ourselves as much as possible from what is to cause our death.

If death never existed, that means that we would all be living with our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers and our forefathers! Just imagine the chaos that would be there. Father is suffering from cancer, grandfather is blind, great grandfather has Alzheimer; all in one house. Your father needs to be taken to hospital, grandfather needs you as his support around the house, great grandfather keeps forgetting and you need to change his elderly diapers. Not forgetting that your wife still needs you to provide a meal on the table and your children need to be picked from school.

Our forefathers would be walking in the streets like zombies with so much amazement and shock. The noise, the many cars going to and fro, the very tall buildings will all make them feel dizzy. But that’s not all, they see everyone talking with this gadget they call the cell phone and they imagine everyone is going crazy. Since our forefathers are expected to be almost like monkeys in the evolution theory, journalists would surround them in frenzy and the light from the cameras would make them panic a bit more. They would want to interview them day in day out to know how life really was during their prime ages.

More children are born every day and we are so occupied not knowing whether to tend to the new born baby or the fore fathers who need you too. If we are living in billions right now in the world, then definitely statistics would be filled until people get tired and decide to record the numbers of people as ‘to infinity’.

People like Hitler too would still be alive and maybe we would by now have had our ‘world war 102’ and the difference would be that no one dies in the wars, just injuries and defeat. Terrorists would all be busy trying to terrorize the whole world and the previous presidents would be flocking to vie for the presidential seat again; so probably the late president Kenyatta would still be alive and maybe he would have gone against his own son in the elections. How interesting!

Maybe death is really important and needed in our lives because the wisdom behind it is quite great. In the life of no end and no return, lies more misery than when we encounter death.

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Dyslexia is characterized by difficulty with learning to read fluently and with accurate comprehension despite normal or above average intelligence. It is the most common learning difficulty and most recognized reading disorder. There are three subtypes of dyslexia, ‘auditory, visual and attention’. Although dyslexia is the result of a neurological disorder, it is not an intellectual disability and it occurs at all levels of intelligence: average, above average and highly gifted.Have you ever heard of a disability yet it is at several times considered a gift? Yes, dyslexia it is; one of the common yet not known disabilities that have miraculously led to many being outstanding in the society.

Among’st the symptoms of dyslexia are:

  • Delay in speech in early childhood
  • Letter reversal or mirror writing
  • Difficulty knowing right from left and directions
  • Easily distracted by noise
  • Difficulty identifying rhyming words
  • Very poor spellings
  • Difficulty in blending sounds into words

Adolescent and adult dyslexics may have trouble with summarizing a story, memorizing, reading aloud and learning a foreign language. Adult dyslexics tend to be slower in reading even when they have good comprehension.

There is no cure for dyslexia but the victims can learn to read and write with appropriate education or treatment. Several special education and therapies approaches have been developed for students with dyslexia. Adaptive technology such as specialized computer software is used. There are controversial treatments such as nutritional supplements, special diets, and homeopathy and osteopathy manipulation.

The most interesting part of this all is that quite a large number of our stars, role models, musicians, artists, actors, scientists, athletes and many more were victims of dyslexia and yet they were able to overcome it and achieved what many non-dyslexic couldn’t. Amongst the famous victims examples that are always going to be remembered are as follows:

Agatha Christie- was the world’s bestselling book writer of all times equaled by Shakespeare. Her books sold approximately 4 billion copies worldwide even though she suffered from dyslexia. This in no way stopped her from being creative and learning how to write and her mystery novels have always been some of the most captivating of all times.

Albert Einstein- was one of the most known scientists and inventor of all times. He suffered from dyslexia mainly because of his bad memory, his constant failure to memorize the simplest of things, his inability to even tie his shoelaces properly and even not remembering the months of the year yet his scientific contributions and theories still have a great impact in our science knowledge today.

Hans Christian Andersen- he was an author of children’s fantasy books such as ‘the emperor’s clothes, the princess and the pie, Thumbelina, the snow queen, the ugly duckling and the little mermaid. He was a victim of dyslexia and showed the world that when you want something, nothing can stop you from obtaining it. His books have been translated into many languages and are distributed worldwide in millions of copies.

Walt Disney- Walter Elias Disney was an American film producer, screen writer, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was known to have dyslexia, a learning disorder characterized with reading difficulties but yet still, he emerged as one of the most influential and innovative figures in the field of entertainment during the twentieth century.

Tom Cruise- the famous American actor and film producer was also a dyslexic which partly led him to be abused as a child. His father went hard on him when something went wrong and was also a victim of bullying at school. He had gone through fifteen schools in twelve years but yet still emerged to be appreciated by the society by his work.

Other famous individuals who were victims of dyslexia are: Orlando Bloom-actor, Pierre curie-physicist, Thomas Edison, Michael faraday- scientists and inventors, Leonardo da Vinci-artists/designer/architect, Pablo Picasso, Cher- Musician, Muhammad Ali-boxer, Steven Spielberg- Film maker and Abhishek bachan-actor

These individuals and all the others not mentioned here have proved beyond doubt that disability is NOT inability. When life offers us challenges then let us make the best use of them to emerge stronger that the challenge itself and thus, become outstanding in the community.



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The beauty of it all is that we have other options to bring ourselves back at our feet. God has given each one of us a talent or an outstanding skill that could get us independent in our own way. It could be that you have a golden touch when it comes to art or that you can design clothes and much more. Whereas many underestimate jobs like hawking but some people have that outstanding skill and they could sell much within a few moments. Your personal skill or talent could be a good source of a business idea so make the best use of what you’ve been gifted with.In this era where hustling is the order of the day, we need more ideas to draw the youth away from idleness and joblessness that has been a challenge for quite a long time. Many have studied to far extents in universities and colleges and yet still suffer from the widespread disease known as ‘hakuna kazi.’ Our government does have a part of the blame for not creating job opportunities for the youth but if we are all going to sit down and wait for some rich firm to miraculously realize your great capabilities and offer you a job, then we would all be jobless in our homes. Many people who are diploma and even degree holders ended up doing totally different jobs from what they studied. While some ended up digging in their shambas at their homelands, others were left with no other option but to sell water around and much more else could be mentioned.


You don’t have to be extremely rich to start a small business of your own. The first step is to identify a business idea. Check around your environment, what business would be suitable according to the conditions there? If you notice that people are lacking hardware nearby and have to go far to get the stuff then that could be something to start with or maybe it could be that there isn’t any saloon around. If you have a good hand in designing clothes then you could start a tailoring shop somewhere. Make sure not to go for very common things like opening a shop while five steps from your house there is another shop too. Think big and wide. Let your mind wonder around.


The second step is sourcing this new business idea. Acquiring the money could be one of the most difficult steps in entrepreneurship but nowadays things have been made easier for us. We have so many banks and youth groups that help the youth fund their new businesses and projects. It just needs a determined person to take the risk and go ahead with the plan.

The next step is putting the plan into action and starting the business right away. Organize the required resources and ensure that you are good to go.


Always remember to be patient for there will be many challenges on the way. It will obviously take some time before people start appreciating your work and be regular customers. Learn the tactics of luring your customers into your business by giving them the best customer care possible. Remember, without them (your customers) you indeed have nothing.


Competition will eventually come your way but you must be brave enough and innovative to ensure that your business never goes down.


There will be times you may undergo failure but that is a phase all business persons go through so never give up and yet instead, come up with new ideas; better than before! So the time is now; don’t take all the time in the world thinking again and again on what to do. Invest and let yourself grow!


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With the very tight school programs we have today, children only get to play during the P.E lessons or games but that is all for them. At home, there is a lot of homework to be done, washing and ironing of uniforms and before the child realizes, it is already sunset and they can no longer go out to play. Unlike the olden times where there was sufficient time to do everything and the children had so much merry. They would go to school only half a day and the entire evening, you would see them everywhere in the compounds playing football, hide and seek and many other games that disappeared with time. Right now all what children have are the video games and the ones available in mobile phones. It is very monotonous and this is why the current generations are not fit like the children of previous generations.Going back into the memory lane of the past where our parents, grandparents and great grandparents belonged, we find a lot of interesting things that never lived to our times. For sure, times have really changed and they keep on changing day in day out which makes us wonder how lives would be for the generations yet to come. It is assumed that maybe in the future generations, cars would not be using petrol and diesel anymore, phones would be of no use anymore, and everything will be machine based with advanced technology and a lot more theories are being told. Well, only God knows what’s yet to come but what is gone will always be missed.

Gone were the days where gold could be bought at three or four hundred shillings and a building stone was at two shillings whereas now, gold goes at thousands and a single stone; at forty to fifty shillings. It is even funny to know that school fees were just at eleven shillings and furthermore, books and milk were provided for each student. A full house grocery for a day could be bought at just one shilling and a person could build a house from his three thousand shillings salary which at those times was very big money! A person who had five shillings as pocket money was regarded wealthy enough while nowadays; even a class one child would whine and complain if given the ten shillings as their break. Those are just but a few examples of how cheap the old generation economy was.

Those were the days where grandparents, parents, siblings and all their children would live in one big house or same neighbourhood and would cook and eat all together in the same platter. That is when family really held big meaning and people would live together in both happy and sad times. Right now, every couple and their children live in their own different and sometimes far apartments. Families have become more of strangers and the current generations don’t even know the family tree and their ties with other people.

Days seemed so long and people would do so many things in one day. There was time to do everything whilst for now, time seems so limited and squeezed with no time to even rest. People long ago neither had the many diseases nor the stress most people have now. The entertainment of those days was cinema where families would flood in to watch movies. Others explored into novels and others would watch the white and black programs being brought at the huge television sets. They used refrigerators being conducted by paraffin and things like blenders never existed. They would take hours grinding cereals using mortar and pestle. It was such a tough life but that is what made them be stronger than what we are.

The lives of the old may have been of humble and poor backgrounds but for sure, they had much happiness than we of the current generations do. And as they say it, ‘those were the days my friend…we thought they will never end.’

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To commemorate the completion of my one year at Coast this Week, I’d like to make this edition a special dedication to all my fans and all the amazing writers that read our paper each week.

Take a tight grip on the pen,

Have ready a paper that is plain,

This is not just about the pain,

But about all your dreams to have you claim.

Let the ink pour its magic,

The story full of tragic,

With so well painted a tactic

Gently, without being much frantic.

Oh what’s a pen and paper without emotion?

Word by word with so much precaution,

It could be about that devastating explosion,

Or perhaps your inner most expression!

Keep the words flowing,

And your memory, loading,

Touch the heart of the one mourning,

And one who is always frowning.

All you have to do is create happiness,

In this world, full of madness,

Let your words bring the brightness,

To celebrate all world’s greatness.

Venture into the puzzling history,

The things that were always a mystery,

Or maybe of the grand victory,

Of that incredible outstanding missy.

Let your mind wander far and wide,

Into the open and what’s in hide,

Could be of the runaway bride,

Or of the downfall of manly pride.

Imagine, imagine, imagine

Let your ink fill between your margins,

Narrate of the famous assassin

And even in politics be sure to indulge in.

Go capture that inside story,

Even if it means going up the storey,

Or maybe even to the quarry,

Can’t you do that much for your own glory?

Be sure to be nothing but the best,

All people’s attention ensure you arrest,

You just have to keep away the haste,

And continue with the spirit of great zest.

A hand I give to all those who think,

Who take a risk to be on a new story’s brink,

Whom we always want to mimic,

With a drop of their magic ink!

To all the aspiring writers reading this, I salute you all!

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It has been weeks since Lamu has been under attack and yet till now, insecurity still prevails in the area. Many have died, many have been injured, the rest are all living in fear of when will we be attacked again? Different villages in the area have had threats and have been attacked by unknown terrorists groups while some decided to evacuate the place to run for their lives. But this is not the only place in Kenya facing insecurity. Trailing back in history, Kenya has been in utmost tense atmosphere since the Westgate siege where many died and others injured. Many insecurity cases have followed after that and yet our leaders have had an epic fail in making our country as peaceful as before. While many of our leaders are not taking proper action on getting hold of the people involved, it is the innocent people who face the court for no good reason. Injustice is what is taking over our country and fear too, and it has reached to an extent whereby when we see a van with policemen, our hearts skip a bit; what is happening?Humanity…talking of humanity that barely exists in the present world and I keep wondering where are we heading to? All that is filling our news feed and news rooms are the heart breaking news from all over the world starting with Lamu where every single day news on fresh attacks and threats are reported, of the random unexpected deaths of different people in our country, shootouts, attacks, deaths, the escalating numbers of death tolls and injuries in Gaza in Palestine, the Syria, Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Burma, Afghanistan, CAR and many other countries facing war.


The genocide taking place in Gaza at the moment has also brought a lot of angry emotions amongst the citizens of the world as they protest in different areas in the world to stop the Israel government on more attacks on Gaza. There’s a quote by Hitler that caught my attention whereby he said, ‘tomorrow’s history about me will be incorrect. They will call me a dictator and responsible for the genocide of millions of Jews. A day will come, the world will realize what I did was correct. I destroyed 90% of the Jews, and leaving 10% of them for the world to understand why I killed them.’ Seeing this just makes me say, ‘Yes Mr. Hitler, unfortunately, you were right! Because what the Jews are now doing is exactly what you did to them.’ At the moment, Israel government has asked the Palestinians to evacuate their homes and water supply has just been cut off. The photos going viral in all social networks have brought quite a sort of solidarity in many people around the world which is rather impressive. It just shows how humanity can bring rise to unity. Gaza is now under siege with Israel army surrounding them from all corners, they don’t even have weapons. This can’t be termed as war, it is genocide. The neighbouring Arab countries have ignoring the issue and many other leaders around the world too apart from the very few who condemned the mission and call for peace. Nelson Mandela was very right when he said, ‘We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.’


It is rather sad and heart breaking, how our leaders only take action and speak up when their selfish needs are involved but then it is upon the citizens of the world, to unite and bring humanity back to life. Don’t just sit and whine about the scratch on your car, the burnt food, the too low shoes, the boring job you have…remember, right at this moment people in places like Lamu, Gaza and many other places in the world have been left homeless, no food, no water, no shoes, no family. We have no right to complain at all!


Lets all take a moment from our busy lives to pray for all the oppressed people in the world. Let’s not be posting it in our social media to show the world we are with them yet in the next moment we have already forgotten about them. Its true life has to move on but then let’s not be pretentious to show the world we care yet we don’t. Let’s do this more often; let’s protest, hold hands, cry out to the world, let’s write about it, let’s condemn the attacks but most importantly let’s pray for them. We can’t be there to fight with them or give a hand of help, but we can pray! Let’s take a moment in each of our daily lives to remember them…even when the media doesn’t cover the real suffering. Let’s pray for those we are aware of and even those that we are not aware of. Let’s keep praying again and again. It’s not a matter of religion or blood ties, it is a matter of humanity!

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Sometimes in life, all we need is a break from the worldly issues; the waking up very early in the morning, getting the children ready for school, rushing to job, struggling and hustling, coming back very tired while the children are still depending on you to make their dinner and prepare them for sleep. If not that then it is surely the crazy confusing school life were you have to draw the geography features or cramming the biology terminologies, the math formulas and knowing the mole equations of Chemistry at your finger tips. It all seems like there’s total madness everywhere and once you get home you just want to eat and drop yourself dead at your bed.

Life has tested us in so many ways and there are times we just have many thoughts and worries that could barely be escaped but it is healthy that once in a while you disappear from the crowded world and find solace in your own created world. Taking a break or having a holiday doesn’t necessary have to be a journey or traveling to a far place. Sometimes all you have to do is take an off from job for a few days, lock yourself in your house, put off your phone and spend quality time with yourself. You don’t have to be rich to be happy. Just make good use of the little much you have. Watch movies, spend special time with your friends, family and loved ones, talk a walk, explore yourself and learn more things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Take time and reflect more on your life out of the normal routine. Try to plan the necessary changes and ask for God’s help.

Do remember that you are not the only one in this life facing challenges and that very many more would die to have the kind of life you lead. Just as much you seem lost and confused with the busy world, have time to appreciate yourself and the little you were able to achieve.

Have time with your family; let them know how much you love them. Get closer and get to know them better for the memories you make with them are unforgettable.

Make new resolutions for yourself and ensure that you are not going to repeat your mistakes again. Remember, the main aim of the break is for you to make the best use of your time by finding peace; so find it. Go to the beach or calmly sit by the verandah with a novel and a glass of juice beside. Don’t let anyone get to your nerves and avoid meeting pessimists or people who don’t really matter to you. This is your time to be happy and be stress free. It is the time to start falling in love with you. Give charity and smile to everyone you pass by, yes, smile; people would think you are acting like a fool but n the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks.

If you are a student, make new strategies for yourself that will ensure you have a special come back. You don’t have to over work yourself but instead, learn to study smart and still have time to relax.

It is advisable that you take such breaks every once in a while so that your mind can relax a bit and try to be a better and happier person. ‘So laugh your heart out, dance in the rain, cherish the moment, and ignore the pain. Live. Laugh. Love. Forgive and forget. Life is too short to be living with regrets.’

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While Vera Sidika has become the new sensation among’st many ladies after having done the fifty million worth bleach to remove ‘her tint’ as they call it nowadays, men have a better thing to talk about. Yes, world cup it is! All eyes have been focused to Brazil who considers this as the end of their 64-year wait for the World Cup to return to the country of Pele. The excitement is all over the world and the enchantment can be felt with the million of posts on social media about and even in the team jerseys that can be seen all over the streets.
Despite the protests in five host cities and chants against President Dilma Rousseff, the anxiety and joy could never be tampered with. After a funky opening ceremony featuring J-Lo in low-cut sparkling green and dancers dressed as trees, all eyes were on the opening match between Brazil and Croatia. The pressure from the Brazilian fans at their own home ground to the players and referee was so vivid and it eventually brought up the heated debate on whether Brazil team really deserved a penalty or not. Whether they deserved it or not, whether the referee was biased or not, we just have to understand that Brazil was never going to accept defeat in an opening game of world cup in their own ground!

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World cup would never miss to have those interesting non football stories to strike in the media like how Leo Messi was captured in the cameras when he left a little kid’s hand hanging, who had come to give a handshake to the big world football star. Messi was clearly so preoccupied as it was just before the Argentina game. What is even more hilarious is how the media explains the situation of this poor kid and I quote ‘If you go to the Maracana right now, that poor little kid is still standing in the same spot in the dark, with his hand outstretched and a single tear rolling down his face.’ Well, no one could blame him for his busy mind for he was and still is the biggest hope of the Argentina team.

No one could ignore the awful defeat of the Spain team by the Dutch and all Spain fans have been chanting ‘itSpainful’ for many had big expectations from Casillas and players like Ramos and Iniesta. And for the haters of Spain couldn’t get a better way to enjoy Spain’s defeat than to ask the fans ‘how many letters does the word Spain have’ to refer to the incredible five goals beaten by the Netherlands team. Without ignoring, Van Persie’s flying hit that has become viral in the media and everyone is amazed by the awesome shoot. A shot to be told in ages!World cup would never miss to have those interesting non football stories to strike in the media like how Leo Messi was captured in the cameras when he left a little kid’s hand hanging, who had come to give a handshake to the big world football star. Messi was clearly so preoccupied as it was just before the Argentina game. What is even more hilarious is how the media explains the situation of this poor kid and I quote ‘If you go to the Maracana right now, that poor little kid is still standing in the same spot in the dark, with his hand outstretched and a single tear rolling down his face.’ Well, no one could blame him for his busy mind for he was and still is the biggest hope of the Argentina team.

Now this is very interesting! After the tough loss of the Japan team to Ivory Coast by 2-1, the Japanese fans in attendance at the Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil still made time after the final whistle to clean up after themselves. As the stadium emptied, some Blue Samurai supporters walked up and down the aisles filling trash bags. Though this is a customary practice at Japanese sporting events that has been carried over to previous World Cups, it’s still something most fans from other parts of the world wouldn’t even consider doing. Before the clean-up began, the Japanese players lined up and bowed to their loyal supporters. These are noble customs worth being practiced by more countries and I just can’t help but admire the Japanese especially after their loss! Fact is, majority of us, even if it were our custom, we wouldn’t bother do it after a defeat!

After losing their opening match of the 2014 World Cup to Brazil, all Croatia’s players decided to relax at their hotel pool while nude. However, their relaxation party was interrupted their privacy after two Croatian photographers took pictures of them in nude and published them online. Coach Niko Kovac was furious about the press intrusion on his players’ personal naked reflection time, and has announced that none of them will be available to comment to the press for the foreseeable future.

Yet still, we always never miss the sad or heartbreaking moments in such an event. I was able to come across a picture whereby a large crowd of Brazilian fans head to watch the world cup opening and in that same path is a young small girl searching in trash bins for food. Rape cases have also been reported while land lords hosting visitors are enjoying the double and triple rents payments. Well, what can we do than pray for all those unfortunate people suffering in Brazil?

As the awesome season of world cup goes on, let’s come back to our country and we are all wondering when Harambee stars would finally qualify to play in the world cup or even, when it will be economically and politically stable to host the world cup. Well this just seems like a very long dream yet to come true; probably five generations from the present one! While some citizens criticize the action of our honourable president of taking the Harambee stars team to Brazil to watch the world cup live for being wastage of money in the present crisis we are in, the players would definitely have something different to say! They consider this action as a great way of motivation and inspire them to work harder to get there as players and not just viewers.

To the ladies…please…however clueless you are (just as it goes in the Coca Cola funny advert) don’t start screaming ‘yeeey! Huurraah! We wooon!’ while it’s just half time! And to all the fans of football and world cup in general, enjoy while it lasts!

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There are so many things that we tend to take for granted in our lives. We live with a free conscious, without really bothering to consider our actions, our words or our impact on other people’s lives. Just the other day, a very young girl probably just sixteen or seventeen was knocked down while alighting from the school bus and had major injuries and internal bleeding. I’m sure that girl never had even the slightest idea that she would be in hospital right now or anyone else whom she was chatting around with or laughing with, just before alighting from the bus. It’s true none knows what the next moment holds, let alone tomorrow but then we always act carelessly and speak provokingly. We always assume we are going to live long enough to be someone’s mother/father or even someone’s grandparents. We tend to ignore the thought that maybe one day I will be like that small girl in hospital undergoing chemotherapy or that boy ailing from diabetics or rather like that mother who had a terrible accident and lost both of her legs. We tend to think that calamities can’t really happen to us and we watch such, with pity one minute and the next we are totally in our own reckless life. We watch and listen to such grieving news like those people are in a totally different planet from ours and we can’t be victims. We walk out from the house with sulking faces, just from an argument with our parents or spouses or friends or neighbours etc…but while walking out from the door, have you ever thought of ‘what if I never come back? What if this is the last time I see them? What if tomorrow never comes?? Life is too short so live it as if it’s your last! Respect everyone as you would like to be respected, be kind, be forgiving, be obedient where necessary and always smile. That way, certainly, you will have the most pleasant death ever. Don’t postpone what can be done today to tomorrow. Hold your parents’ hands tonight, tell them how much you love them and appreciate them in your life. Do the same to your siblings, friends, and family, however much your differences are. Do it today, don’t wait any longer! Coz who promised you tomorrow??