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There are so many things that we tend to take for granted in our lives. We live with a free conscious, without really bothering to consider our actions, our words or our impact on other people’s lives. Just the other day, a very young girl probably just sixteen or seventeen was knocked down while alighting from the school bus and had major injuries and internal bleeding. I’m sure that girl never had even the slightest idea that she would be in hospital right now or anyone else whom she was chatting around with or laughing with, just before alighting from the bus. It’s true none knows what the next moment holds, let alone tomorrow but then we always act carelessly and speak provokingly. We always assume we are going to live long enough to be someone’s mother/father or even someone’s grandparents. We tend to ignore the thought that maybe one day I will be like that small girl in hospital undergoing chemotherapy or that boy ailing from diabetics or rather like that mother who had a terrible accident and lost both of her legs. We tend to think that calamities can’t really happen to us and we watch such, with pity one minute and the next we are totally in our own reckless life. We watch and listen to such grieving news like those people are in a totally different planet from ours and we can’t be victims. We walk out from the house with sulking faces, just from an argument with our parents or spouses or friends or neighbours etc…but while walking out from the door, have you ever thought of ‘what if I never come back? What if this is the last time I see them? What if tomorrow never comes?? Life is too short so live it as if it’s your last! Respect everyone as you would like to be respected, be kind, be forgiving, be obedient where necessary and always smile. That way, certainly, you will have the most pleasant death ever. Don’t postpone what can be done today to tomorrow. Hold your parents’ hands tonight, tell them how much you love them and appreciate them in your life. Do the same to your siblings, friends, and family, however much your differences are. Do it today, don’t wait any longer! Coz who promised you tomorrow??


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