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When the whistle is blown and the game goes on, we are attracted to the screen. The game is so thrilling, exciting, it’s all about the enchantment of football. Once someone told me football is bewitching and that is surely a true say. The game can be so overwhelming especially when we see the players dribbling the ball to the goal or when they hurl the ball around, seeing a powerful kick or an entertaining shoot from the exultant players. How exciting it can be seeing them majestically enter the field, full of confidence and how they conquer the field and win the cup. How enchanting!

But there is quite a big difference between us and these teams. They live in a world of their own…they conquered their fears and fulfilled their goals. They earn millions of cash per week while we sit watching them for hours but what do we gain from them? Do we learn anything after more than one hour of deep concentration? They have a secured future but do we? Have we ever wondered why they earn all that money for just pushing a thing made of skin? Isn’t it a worldly affair that’s driving out people from what is more important to them? Haven’t we seen people committing suicide just because their team has lost? That’s a good reason for us to think well.

Well, there is a positive side of this whole issue. There are some things we could learn from the players. Not once nor twice have the fans seen some few players raise their hands to the sky and thank God for their success. They make time for their God, while we rarely do. Remember, they have done their part while we haven’t.

On the social basis, it’s so interesting seeing the winners and the losers hug, exchange shirts and pat each other’s back after the game. Actually this is the most entertaining part of the entire game.

They do realize that after all it’s just a game while we haven’t yet realized that life is a mere game too. We are too malicious and selfish, we never want to scratch each others’ back and we don’t even have good will to the closest people to us.

When the game is on, we see the collaboration, the unity and association among the team members. How they work together with no selfishness to get to their goals and how good the results of it can be. It is something worth following.

Life is all about your decision; either you learn from football or just merely watch the game. Have fun watching football or even other games but make sure you have your priorities first; your family, your studies, your future and most importantly, your hereafter. Well, it’s up to you now.


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