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I usually see so many inspirational books looking all glittery and attractive on the shelves in bookshops and by the street sides. Personally, as a writer, that’s an appealing view. I have read several such books and being an inspirational writer has always been in my goal list.

I remember once a friend sent me the book, ‘how to stop worrying and start living’ because of my paranoic and hysteric behaviour. When I was done reading it, I was so anxious to start working on myself, follow the advised tips and really stop worrying and start living. I tried my best to keep track of my life in relation to what I learnt from this and the other books I had read but with time laziness overcame me. Actually these books need a very dedicated person who is really willing to accept changes and to be keen in their lives; something I’m not really good at all.

If I can give it a wild guess, probably only 3 out of 10 people who read such books follow the tips fully. The rest of us follow only for a week, maybe a month or two. But my belief is that, if a person is able to continue with this routine for six months then they’ve made it.

Writing an inspirational book can be an easy way to earn money because people have been made to believe that what the inspirational speakers say is the only light in your very dark tunnel. My own realization is that words are but a consolation to the soul. They make you feel understood. They give you the illusionary shoulder you couldn’t get elsewhere. They give you hope when you have none. But the moment you close that book, all those words can’t help you much. You have to realize that it is your own will power that actually makes you seek happiness and love. You have to know that Zig Ziglar, Robin Sharma, Ben Carson or whoever else you read are just but an eye opener and a guide on how to deal with what you don’t want to admit is within you. Read these books; read them as much as you can if words are what are making you wake up with a wider smile each day. They actually make you wiser and more open minded…oh, and probably improve your grammar as well 🙂

Nonetheless, you also have to take note that none of these words will ever heal your wounds, or pick you up the floor, or make your life to miraculously become better. Everything is within you; only YOU have the power to wipe your tears, fight your fears and keep seeking your dreams. No one should lie to you that a book or a speaker changed their lives; they were just but a push for them to stand up once again. You have all the power in the world. You just have to realize it.

Sweetheart, be your own anchor!