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Art is just another amazing world of it’s own. It takes us to places, it makes us feel. It makes us think outside the box and deep inside it. Art cannot even be described as it deserves to be. Art is just art ❤

I came across this very talented young lady who is venturing in this field; alone, independently and it just awe-inspires me when I see art anywhere. I couldn’t leave her stay unnoticed. She needs our support, she and many others need a platform for them to grow. This is what her journey is all about ?


Full name: Mirfat Mahmoud Miyanji

Age: 20 years old

Current education level: High school graduate ’15 (Sheikh Khalifa Secondary)

Job: I freelance sell my canvas pieces.





Your art is just too amazing, where do you get the inspiration from?

 My inspiration comes from my surroundings and my emotions. I draw what I feel will portray a deeper understanding on all things beautiful. Not only beauty defined by standards but beauty seen by all.


Is your art a skill learnt or a talent that perhaps runs in your blood?

My art talent runs in the blood; hereditary from my mother. Though art is like any other skill without practice there’s no perfection.


When did you start drawing? (Tell us a bit about your journey)

Well I started drawing from a young age, I’ve always found it fascinating. I became serious with my interest in art in 2014 this is when I started exploring the world of pencil sketching, drawing simple images and calligraphy letters and from there I evolved to acrylic and oil canvas paintings through observation and determination.




When do you draw mostly? (When you are happy or sad or it is a hobby you do anytime)?

I mostly draw when I’m feeling the urge to draw it doesn’t matter if I’m sad or happy but it is as well as a hobby. It’s something I love to do. A passion.


Is there anyone who mentors you in this?

Unfortunately I don’t have a mentor for my art skill it is mostly self taught. Trial and error basis.



Which themes do you use mostly? (Sadness, joy, loneliness, darkness)?

The themes I use for my art vary, even though it is driven by the urge to draw, my emotions do play a significant part in my work. Some of my pieces consist of loneliness, some of joy and some are abstract or formed by my love for something or someone.


Who gives you the best support in your art journey?

I don’t have a specific person who gives me the best support; my family, friends, colleagues in the field of art, teachers, even acquaintances and social media followers are my biggest and best support. All their contribution on feedback as well as good will is major support and I appreciate it.


What are your future plans on developing your art skills?

Well my plans are on learning more mediums in which I can portray art. For art is not just in the form of a sketch but by different forms in sculptures, paintings, intricate details, glass paintings etc. Also teaching; the best way to perfect something is to teach it so I’d like to develop the skill of teaching art, so not just I and a few others can see it’s tenderness and beauty.


Which is your best drawing so far?

To be honest I don’t have a best drawing, each piece of my art is best in it’s own way since all carry different messages in them and the outcome of each is executed it’s own way.


Have you ever participated in any exhibition?

Unfortunately I haven’t participated in any exhibitions yet.


What about competitions? Did you win?

I did participate in the Kiwi drawing competition in primary and won twice.


Have you ever drawn something then hated the outcome?

I have drawn a few things then hated the outcome especially when I’m trying a new concept in art but I never give up I keep trying until eventually I start to like the end product.


What would you tell other young artists who are sleeping on their talent?

What i could tell young artists who haven’t thought of pursuing their talents is that someone somewhere wishes they had a talent, any talent and it is such a waste that this God given gift has not been put to it’s purpose and used to it’s full potential by you. I urge you to pursue it and no matter how many times you fail, those are just lessons learned. The fruits of success are sweet and I guarantee that success follows hard work.


Where can we get your master pieces?

My art pieces are available at ‘NIVANNA INTERIORS’ City Mall Mombasa or you can contact me directly for custom pieces at 0708821194.





I believe you agree with me that her art is just beyond amazing. Next time you hear them say Mombasa has no talent, no zeal, no passion, talk to them about people like Mirfat. There are many more who just haven’t yet had their break through! May God bless the work of our hands, ameen! ?