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Can you feel the aura of ramadhan? Its slowly creeping in our environment and you just feel its presence as if it is lingering around us silently, waiting for the right time to knock at the door. There is that special ramadhan mood; the tranquility, the peace, the calmness and its signs that are already visible in the darkness of our nights. Dates are already in the market and ramadhan programs are all set. Yes.. after a whole year’s wait..here it is at last!

Oh how wonderful if the whole year was ramadhan. How wonderful would it be if in a whole year’s time, we all are willingly submitting to none other than Allah. If in a whole year,  the barbies become hijabis and playboys become prayboys as the common quote says? How wonderful would that be? Well..Unfortunately it is just one month but in that single month we are still able to collect rewards worth a whole years ibadah! So why not get into the ramadhan mood already?!

So here’s the time, as we count down days to ramadhan let us start by asking for forgiveness to all those we wronged. Let us swallow our pride for once and approach all those we have hurt. This is the time. Don’t wait till ramadhan is here for you to ask for forgiveness.  Ask in advance!  Yes! Because you wouldn’t want to waste any more precious time of ramadhan still asking for forgiveness, would you? Finish up with these small things that need to be done. Be more helpful, be more compassionate,  start giving out your charity from now, start reading the qur’an from this moment such that during ramadhan, you are already accustomed to the new rituals and routines.

Start waking up for tahajjud, start making lots of duas. Get into the mood already and furthermore, make sure to enjoy what you are doing. Let your ramadhan start as early as now. Maybe not literally but action-wise and psychologically.

One thing that ramadhan has proved to us is that we have the will power. We have the ability to change yet we only tune ourselves to change during this one month. This is actually sad because it just shows how our imaan is low and how easy it is for shaitan to play with our minds. If you can do it in ramadhan then you can do it before just as you can do it after. So tie your seat belt and start preparing your soul by feeding it with the remembrance of Allah and ibadah. We all seem so sure to live to this ramadhan which is just a couple of days away but still, the unknown remains known only by Allah. Therefore let us start the sincere submission from now, let us start repenting from now, let us stop sinning from now…but most importantly,  let us focus on Allah only from now. Yes, not any other time but now. Let us get into the mood of ramadhan.

Allahumma balighna ramadhan. Ameen