By: Lubnah Abdulhalim

Photo Courtesy: Salem_Beliegraphy


At one point of our lives we must go through pain, betrayal, heartbreaks, or any other kind of suffering. That is life and without all these problems that we go through, we could as well be in heaven straight away. These problems are what can change a personality forever. Could be for the better or for the worse. Most of the times though, people tend to get so bitter on what has befallen them and decide to follow the dark path of revenge which brings us to the question, is a crime justified by another??

Taking a scenario of a lady who was raped and contracted AIDS. The lady thereby decides to seduce all men coming to her way so that she can spread the disease to others with the lame and selfish thinking of ‘I shouldn’t die alone.’ No, it is never justified. No humanity law will ever justify your action. A crime remains a crime whatever the case and a sin remains to be a sin whatever the situation.

Human beings should stop making each other victims of their lust, greed and selfishness just because they have been in a hard situation. Who in this world has never been in a hard situation? Who in this universe has never tested pain? No one. Not even the queen of England or the Sultan of Oman. Not the pauper nor the begger. For sure when we were told ‘an eye for an eye’ it never meant you go poking everyone’s eye you meet on the way just because someone poked yours. It is not acceptable to be ruthless on others for something they have no connection to.

Many a times we have seen people who get horribly heart broken by their loved ones ache and mourn for so long about their pain to the extent of becoming so cold hearted and heartless. Their lives may never become the same and they tend to become so rough to the people who come into their lives afterwards.  But why should it be so? Why should it be that it is always the next person that has to pay the consequences done by someone else? Why are the undeserving ones that always fall to become the victims of someone’s anger and frustration?

We all feel pain and not just feeling it, we live with it. It sometimes becomes part of us. We understand you are hurt. We understand that your life may never be the same again. We understand your suffering and aching. We do. But no one will ever understand why you have to pay it forward to the next person in such a ruthless and heartless way. No one will justify your actions, because you are never justified. Because a crime remains a crime and one crime doesn’t make another be alright.