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There are so many killer diseases engulfing our lives today. We all dread to hear that we or any of our family members have cancer or AIDS or a brain tumor and much more. Such news always comes with a lot of shock such that the first thing we think of is death. One may sit beside a person who is in Intensive Care Unit or one who is paralyzed with deep fear that any minute any second he/she may die. Some people committed suicide just at the knowing of their ailments and some gave up completely in life and their health ended up deriorating quickly due to the stress and depression.

As family members surround the sick one as he turns and tosses around on the bed with pain, everyone has many thoughts in their heads. While others are afraid of the fact that he or she is quickly wasting away, someone else may be calculating the inheritance after his decease. But life has interestingly turned tables! Whereas we expect those with dangerous diseases or the very old to die, we have seen the young and even newly born die before the rest!

A story of a man with four wives is told where the man was HIV positive and was already bed ridden. He was so seriously ill and everyone was calculating his death any time. His first wife had already planned that she was going to chase away the other wives immediately he dies. To everyone’s surprise, the man started getting his good health back and grew stronger than before. The woman’s plans obviously failed and for many others too.

Doctors would bear witness to my point for sure they have seen people die from a minor fever or even flu while the ones struggling with cancer and diabetics live to see the unwinding of time. Truly death never chose a particular ailment or even age for it comes as suddenly as never expected.

Very interesting and surprising stories have been told like the one on a European man who was very much ill and very old at age. He was once saved by an African girl by taking him to the hospital. On being asked for a price for saving him, she asked for marriage to the old man. The old man agreed though the lady had already calculated that any time the ill old man would die and leave her with everything. So the two got married and the lady tirelessly took good care of him. One day, the old man called his lawyer home and wrote his will right in front of his wife that she was to inherit everything he owned. The lady was so happy for her mission had been accomplished. She decided to go out to the town to give herself a treat and that was when she was met by an accident. She died; leaving the old ill man behind…who ever thought?!

Though killer diseases may be highly risky in our bodies but it doesn’t mean it is the end. I personally know of people who suffered from cancer, another stayed in Intensive Care Unit for months, had stroke but lived longer to even see their younger ones die from other minor reasons like someone I heard of who died after slipping on a banana peel and fell down on the ground, hit his head and died.

To all the people suffering from serious ailments out there, it isn’t the time for you to give up. You still have a bright future ahead but it is upon you to work onto fighting the disease and prove yourself stronger!