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I have a dream. Just so-big a dream that would make you stagger because of its weight, if I handed it over to you. It is what makes me wake up each morning with new hope, new faith and new dedication. There’s always something special about living your dream. It is what drives you to wake up cheerfully and ignore the Monday blues, the over-load of work on your desk or that your cat actually drunk your milk that was for breakfast. There is something more to it, some power…it is all hope that your bright day will soon come. It’s about having focus on what you want to do, being dedicated and putting in a lot of hard work. I met so many talented people in my life, people who actually sleep on what God has bestowed on them and expect just one day a miracle will happen and they will have all they ever wanted. Maybe they seize to realize that miracles ended with prophet hood or maybe they still live in the fantasy of that song we sang at kindergarten whereby the farmer luckily digs out some diamond: “Bwana Tumbo mwenye shamba alipanda viazi, akachimba chimba chimba akaona almasi! Lo! Lo! Bahati kwa mtu mwenye shamba!” is that so??

What makes a dreamer an achiever is the passion one has towards what they do, however difficult it may seem or how monotonous it may be, without complaining, but instead, doing it to their best. It is just like that stubborn maths sum that doesn’t want to be solved yet and X doesn’t seem to appear on your way but you keep trying till you succeed. This just reminds me of a regular quote by someone very special, my mum: ‘for you to succeed, you must try and try and try’ and yeah after all, nothing comes on a silver platter!