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Eid is the happy day. The day we go meet our families and have a get together for the day. It is the day we value each other as brothers and sisters, and as family, and enjoy our time together. It is also the day we make time to visit the sick in the hospitals and go to the orphanages to give charity to the less able so that they may as well have a chance to eat and wear well and be happy on this particular day.

Every child anticipates the wearing of a new dress or cloth for the event and not only the children, but the adults as well. Majority of the people save money for this special occasion and ensure they have beautiful clothes and accessories to wear. But there is always a limit to everything and God doesn’t like the spendthrifts. Some people go to the extents of getting big loans for the occasion and yet they know very well it will be difficult to pay back the amount. You can still celebrate and be happy just as simple as you are.

More on this festive season, most people organize parties with friends or families to celebrate. But are we doing it the right way? Are we going to have fun and have the limits as per God wants from us or are we going to start doing all those acts that annoy God. Are we going to forget that just the previous days we were crying humbly so we may be granted the mercy and forgiveness of God and now just two days after, we are back to our old ways as if the God of Ramadhan is not the same God of all the other months?

Muslims should work to ensure they celebrate the right way. There are a lot of good deeds one can still do in this festive season. Apart from what I previously mentioned, Muslims can go to the graveyards and make a dua for their dead relatives so God may have mercy on them. Muslims shouldn’t get too engrossed in the eid excitement and forget to pay zakatul fitr to the needy which is to be paid before swalatul Eid.

Eid does not, and I emphasis, does NOT mark the return to our old bad, evil habits which we restrained from during the month of Ramadhan. It does not mark the day for the ladies to start walking around with their over worn make up, fancy hair styles exposed and meeting with boys and men who are non mahram in secrecy. This day neither marks the day for anyone to start chewing miraa again or get their lose tongue into action or anything else. We are not celebrating the return of Shaitan, are we?? Because if this is what we do, then we are definitely making him a welcome back home party!The end of Ramadhan is always a saddening moment, since we are forced to wave it goodbye till next year if God wills but God gave us a joyful event to mark the end of it so we may be happy for the completion of the holy month. Eid comes with its own anticipation and excitement, with everyone having their own way and plans to celebrate the grand day, but the important question is, do we do it the right way?

Remember, sinning on the day of eid is like sinning on yaumul waeed (yaumul qiyamah), so, are we going to risk it to sin on such a day really?? This is food for thought for everyone. Wishing you all a happy festive season and in sha Allah we all try to fast the six days of Shawwal for more blessings. May Allah guide us always, ameen. As for Ramadhan, we will be anxiously awaiting for your next visit and we hope to live and see you again in shaa Allah!