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In a world where everyone believes they are a star, a legend and a hero, be rational enough to yourself. Accept yourself as you are; without exaggerating your own existence. Yes, you ARE special. Always remember that…but never forget that you are not any more special than anyone else. Don’t raise your nose and walk with arrogance, believing you are thee best; like no one is better than you.

Taking a hundred selfies, getting 200 or 1000 likes, having the most followers on snapchat and instagram does not define your self worth. Neither do these photos portray self love.

You only become a legend by creating a difference, by leaving footsteps in other people’s lives; by being yourself. Do not be a slave of society love and fame because if that’s what matters to you, do know your time of fame is quickly running out and someone else will soon be ‘thee new star’. For all that I’ve ever known, no star ever labeled themselves that name. They were recognized for their impact and their achievements and not by their show off. So don’t get ahead of yourself. If you believe you are a genius, then do know you are not the first one to exist nor will you be the last. The same thing with anything else that you are good at; be it sports, talent, academics…you name it!

Many people confuse egocentrism and narcissism as self love. And as much as the current world encourages people to love themselves, the whole idea of it shouldn’t get to your head. There lived so many legends who were not appreciated until their death while there lived people with immoral ideas yet they have been made our idols.

Times are quickly changing and most of us have been enchanted by what we see on social media; people sharing their naked photos, egoistic posts and underrating of everyone else in the name of self love. And sadly enough, we are made to believe that it is very okay to be narcissistic and to consider everyone below us. So whilst the villain also considers himself a hero in his own mind, be brave enough to balance your self esteem and self love without letting your ego take over your thoughts.

My idea of heroism has always been the same as what Ellen Goodman said: “I have never been especially impressed by the heroics of people convinced they are about to change the world. I am more awed by those who struggle to make one small difference.”

Always remember that what you do; the smallest bits of kindness and humbleness that you give to the world is what makes you rather extra-ordinary. So even when the whole world thinks you are a nobody, do know that for someone out there, you are their biggest hope and their light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ll end this by this remarkable quote that very clearly draws the picture and summarizes this whole article in a few words:
“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” – Arthur Ashe

Keep leaving footsteps wherever you go!

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Have you ever looked at your old man’s face?Your dad? Have you keenly looked at the grey hair on his head? Have you speculated his smile? Have you tried to see the concern beyond his fury? Have you tried to see the sadness behind his silence? Have you looked keenly at his simple smile and humble laughter? Have you even bothered to think about his unsaid words and hidden emotions? You already forgot how much he sacrificed for your sake? You forget that you are the reason he wakes up each morning to go to work? You forget that you are the reason he still dreams, anticipates and waits?

Everyone talks about their mums; our greatest role models and the ones we look up to all our lives. Millions and millions of posts, articles and poems have been written for and about the mother. We talk of how she raised us and sacrificed a lot to ensure we are happy. But how do we forget the most important man in our lives? You think he didn’t want to buy that Subaru he sees and admires everyday at the net? You think he didn’t want to take a holiday and go with your mum to Dubai or probably Hawaii and enjoy their last few years in this life? You think that paying fees for you was his duty? What about if he just decided that secular education was not all that important and let you stay at home like other parents do? What about if he decided to just be selfish and seek his own personal dreams and desires? We usually tend to forget all this. We tend to take him for granted. We barely remember to get him a gift; the gifts have always been for mum isn’t it? Yet he still smiles when he sees you giving a gift to your mum. He still appreciates you even when he very well knows you love your mum more than him. Trust me, the smallest thought of him; the smallest gift you get him, he will appreciate ten times more than the worth of the small thing you brought him or even did to him. Gifts can be the things you do to him as well; the things he’d love see you do for him.

It’s true, a mother is irreplaceable and nothing can we ever do to repay her. But what of your dad who probably had to leave you all behind to seek a job in a far away place? You think it is easy for him being far from his wife and children? You think he doesn’t miss you all and that life simply moves on for him?

Please try to look at him deeply. Look at his expressions; how he moves, walks and talks. Try to understand him. Try to look beyond what he shows at the outer. Do remember to tell him that you love him every once in a while. Some would say it’s awkward saying it to dad especially how we are raised like we shouldn’t expose our emotions to the male figures in our society but remember that the prophet p.b.u.h very well showed love to his family members. And just like we expect parents to follow his example by showing love to their children, then let’s do the same to our parents as well. If saying it is difficult then show it; show it with your actions. Let him know you care about him, smile at him always and keep him close by you. Yes, you can always love your mum much more but don’t let him live unnoticed and unappreciated. Pray for him always and do the same with your mum. Make them proud. Love him as much as you can because there is only one dad you can ever have in your life. Never forget; he is the first hero in your life story.