Photo Courtesy: education.ucsc.edu

By: Jamila El-Jabry

In life we are given the same choices like everyone else, nobody is given special resources maybe some people have more options to acquire more choices but mostly the resources for the choices are the same for everyone.
How we go about using the resources is up to us, of course the most open and widely available resource is education. Everyone is given the same option to go to school—well most people do. All students sit in one class and have that one teacher teach everyone equally. But it depends on the certain student what they learn from. Some don’t understand, some interpret differently than others, and some just don’t care. So at the end of the day is it circumstances that make each student gain or not gain from the teacher or is it each individual students choice to gain or not?

Should each student blame society when they can’t understand the teacher? Or should they blame themselves for not making the effort to learn. Most students end up saying “bongo langu halishiki” meaning I can’t seem to grasp the materials taught.

So today with all these people who have bachelors, master and PhD’s and some who have a diploma and certificates in their names, is it circumstances have led them to that or is it a choice? Or the people who have no education or limited education is it the same for them as circumstances have led them there where they are or is choices they chose?

#Food For Thought