Mombasa services


Are you for real? Are you sure you really want to go out in this weather of Mombasa?! It is either very hot, or too humid or raining or cloudy with mud and ponds of water from last night’s rain. Alright I get you. You probably have no option, do you? You need to buy the groceries, pick up your laundry, renew your passport, buy your child’s coughing syrup, send a parcel to Nairobi via bus etcetera etcetera. I totally get you. But do you know that you have a simpler way out of all of that?? Have you ever heard of ‘Nitume Online?

Nitume online is a company that was formed to help make your work easier at the comfort of your home and office.We will do your Mombasa errands for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should try out our services:

  1. Cheap: I know you had probably made an assumption that our services must be expensive but guess what?! Our costs can go to as low as 150/200/300 shillings per delivery and according to the services you need. Mind you we also do the shopping for you so isn’t that so worth it?!
  2. Timeliness: You don’t even have to worry about being late because it is simply out of our dictionary. You are going to have your stuff done/delivered before you even have time to complain.                                                   img-20161121-wa0006
  3. Safety: The way the world is right now, you can barely trust someone assisting you carry your luggage but here is the thing about nitume-online. We don’t out source people or vehicles to do our job, it’s all an inside job; our people, our vehicles. We therefore take responsibility of all that happens during their services. Worry out!     13319864_1716978655185543_5638814440969145447_n
  4. Perfect communication skills: Have you ever had to talk to customer service and you regretted why you did in the first place? Rude, being kept waiting for too long, no replies to questions etc None of that happens with us. We are always a call away with all the answers for your queries and requests.
  5. Convenience: It is a convenient for everyone. For the boss and the employee, the man and woman, the old and the young, the husband and the wife, in short; EVERYONE.
  6. Satisfaction: Client happy, we are happy too. It’s always a two way thing. Both parties win, both parties are satisfied.
  7. Offers: We do give offers from time to time. As of now, we have the ‘Wishful Wednesdays’ where your wish becomes a command 🙂 We offer free delivery hours between 9 a.m to 12 noon. This offer will be going on until January the 3rd, 2017.



Perhaps you should really try our services and find out for yourself what you’ve been missing all this time! log into: www.nitumeonline.co.ke or simply dial: 0708 099 099/0780 099 099.

P.S: We are currently hiring sales person to join our team. Please drop in your CV if interested: info@nitumeonline.co.ke