Photo Courtesy: Unknown

Every day of our lives is a new adventure; a new odyssey and within this limited time we have on earth, we meet all kinds of people; different colours, different characters, different religions, different backgrounds of which in one way or another have an impact in our lives. Some will love us, some will teach us lessons, some will anticipate our downfall but all in all, all these people have created some sort of difference in us.

There may have been a time when you were accused for something you are not, maybe people misjudged your intentions, or questioned your trustworthiness, or doubted your abilities or pointed fingers at you for something you are innocent about then please remember this; a rose by any other name is still a rose.

People may hate you for what you are, they may criticize you, they may want to bring you down with their words but shut your ears to what they say; you don’t need such negative forces entering your brain. They may call you names, they may insult you but when you are a rose, even when they call you a cactus, it doesn’t make you one. The most important thing is that you are who you are. You know yourself better than anyone else; you know your struggles, your dreams, your pain and your path and you DON’T need to justify yourself in front of anyone.

One of the greatest lessons we are taught in life is that you shouldn’t have any expectations on anyone or anything. When you love then do so truly and be content with what you have in your heart even when the rest don’t love you back. When you give then give sincerely, give to whoever is in need even if it is your worst enemy and without hoping that one day they will appreciate you. Truth is, human beings barely appreciate anything they have or are given. So when you do anything do it with a pure heart and then leave. Dont wait for a thank you or anything. And when people start pointing fingers and criticizing you, then take a swift turn and walk away without saying anything. You don’t have to prove to anyone or even the world that you are good or that you meant good or that you cared. You don’t have to justify your actions. You don’t have to tell anyone, ‘I did this because it was the best for you’ because one other important thing we should all realize is that just like you can’t force a cow to drink from the river, then you also can’t convince a person or people who have pre-assumed attitudes on you, to think otherwise.

Life is too short for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. So just do your thing and forget that you even did it. Not everyone deserves to know the real you so let them criticize who they think you are. For as long as you know that all your intentions are sincere and pure, don’t listen to what the world has to say about you. God knows the real you and that is what really ever mattered. Maybe one day they will understand and maybe they will also appreciate you but dont wait for that day because it may never come.