By Lubnah Abdulhalim

Photo Courtesy: Salem_Beliegraphy









Family Outing- Snap

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We are all living in the technology frenzy and all we have are camera clicks everywhere we go. With the coming of the selfies, oh my, people couldn’t get busier. The reality is that we have lost the actual essence of taking photos and videos. We no longer buy shoes because we need them, we no longer even enjoy the food that we really like. We no longer really cherish the moments we live because we are all focused on taking photos and posting them on social media so that the world can see what we ate, what we wore, what we did. And the real value of these moments all go to waste because as soon as the photos are deleted from our gallery then that’s the end of it.

So picture this scenario.Here we are, in a very beautiful place, having wonderful food with the people we love most but what are we doing? The first thing we do is take photos of the food, of the place, of you all; but while we are busy doing all this, we forget the actual essence of our outing or picnic or whatever the occasion is. We are now cherishing the photos more than the real value of the photo or the whole event.We don’t even remember the conversations we have because we are only half listening; everyone busy taking snaps to show off to the world.

Technology has made us in a daze. We are slowly selling our entire lives to technology and before we realize it, our lives would be nothing more but a snap. All our moments will mean nothing to us because we didn’t really participate in creating a memory.

As we grow old, maybe at one time when you are at your 80’s you will be looking at your phone, your gallery full of photos that you took over time but they end up to be just photos. Photos that don’t have any value to you; meaningless snaps, because you were busy snapping instead of living the actual moment.

Live the moment. It doesn’t come twice. Don’t let the snap dictate your life!