Photo Courtesy: Salem_Beliegraphy


Procrastination is another one of Satan’s workshops and most of us have been trapped in this so many times; that lazy feeling to postpone what we are to do today with the claim that we will do it tomorrow. What most people don’t realize is that the price of procrastination is always too steep.

What we can do today is much easier for us to do at the same moment because the next day the work becomes double and if postponed to the next few days, you realize you have a whole pile of work. That is when you start asking yourself where all that work is coming from while whining and complaining over and over again. Sometimes all you have to do is sacrifice a bit of your time or wealth or even energy to do what is required. If you want to start a business then you don’t have to wait till when you have saved so much. Start with the little much you have and once you do, you will realize that you will work even harder to sustain the business.

A person who planned to build a house ten years ago and still hasn’t, may never get to achieve his goal. If his aim at that time was that he should get five hundred thousand to start the house, then with today’s economy, the budget would be double or triple since everything is much more expensive than before. The house that could be built at five hundred thousand ten years ago would have to be built at one million today. Time changes, and the more you postpone, the further your goal seems to be. But maybe had this particular person sacrificed his little money, maybe just one hundred thousand and started the house, it would be complete by now.

There is always this morale that comes when you have decided to start a thing. With the one hundred thousand, the person may have started the foundation of the house. Next thing is that the person would be restless and would work day and night to complete the house. This is the same thing with house chores or even homework given at school. It is quite weird when a person decides to clean the entire house and leaves a corner for tomorrow or when a child does his homework and decides to leave the last two sums for another day. Once you start a thing, you would always have the urge to perfect it.

As for the one who keeps piling up work, then work for you will never end. Even if it is just about buying a present for your mother, procrastination is not appropriate. Today you may say that ‘let me buy myself these beautiful shoes, then tomorrow I will buy mother the thing she always loved’ and the next day, you will realize you also have another thing to do. In the end of it all, you end up not buying the present at all.

Same thing with charity, humanity or even forgiveness; do not wait for tomorrow to tell your loved ones how much you love them, ask for forgiveness at that same moment, give charity even if it is just a coin or two, be humble and live each day as it comes because… tomorrow never comes!