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If only people could know when their last day would be then they would definitely arrange and critically plan everything of theirs well. It is at that moment that the person would start scribbling down their will and dividing their wealth before death separates them from their loved ones.

A will is a legal written or recorded document that says what is to happen to somebody’s money or property after they die. When a person is writing their will they surely know what they want and are sober with their decisions since witnesses are also available. When the person finally dies the only thing that could have pleased him, would be to see his final wishes being fulfilled. It is very important that everyone respect his last words and follow them to the latter. Whether anyone thinks the deceased took wrong decisions in his will or not, we should all note that our opinions don’t count in this situation.

This document has proved to be extremely important especially in our modern life where love for money outdoes everything else. Inheritance has caused a lot of misunderstandings, chaos, rivalry, divorces, and conflict amongst families. Many have seen how blood family members break up relationships all due to the yearning of the bigger share of the inheritance and while the will has helped a lot in such circumstances; in other situations it brings more conflict.

While some honest individuals would adhere to the will, some use it to their own benefit. They do what in the will would raise them in their status and ignores what could be a ray of hope to others. They take advantage of being responsible of fulfilling the will and many get to suffer from behind his/her actions.

Ironical enough is that, many of our ancestors set aside money for their children and next generations to come since when there were no banking systems to the modern technological world but yet still we have family members doing harambee in the neighbourhood to pay hospital bills. They have money and properties which are their right but they still suffer in the hands of a few malicious beings who are promoting themselves on the wellbeing of others. Fathers run up and down looking for scholarships and sponsors for their children education, they go through a lot of humiliation and hardships to ensure their families have proper education but who ever dared to face the people manipulating your legal rights of being taken care of using our ancestors money and property? No one dared…because we don’t want to break our blood relationships, because we don’t want to have rivalry between us, because we don’t want to seem ‘the bad ones’ by asking for their rights. The truth is, ‘truth is what should stand’ and if you don’t stand for your rights today then the vicious circle of manipulation will go on and on into your children and grandchildren generation to come.

We should be brave enough to ensure that life isn’t made tough to anyone just because some few individuals wouldn’t fulfill your rights. It’s high time everyone lived a better life than that of not knowing what I will eat tonight while your brothers are eating in plenty using your shares of right.

As for those given such a huge responsibility of sharing people’s properties as per someone’s will, be careful not to eat what is not yours today because one day you will also die and your family may be manipulated just as you did to other family members.

A will is like a trust and responsibility put in your hands, before God, before witnesses and before many people. Do always remember you will one day be accountable of how perfectly or imperfectly you attended and adhered to someone’s will. So beware…life isn’t that long enough.