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Have you ever stood by the mirror and looked beyond your own reflection? Beyond that familiar face that you give the whole world; into your naked soul. Have a peep at that disappointed inner you, at the broken you, the angry you, the frustrated you, the sad you that is hidden in a totally different outer personality; the scared you that is covered by the ruthless you, the broken you that is covered by the arrogant you and many more of such. Most of us tend to be so due to the environment we grew up in and sometimes it could be of the hard and difficult situations that we went through in our lives. We tend to act strong while with people, forcing the smiles and pushing back the tears yet it is the darkness within us that makes us unbearable and sometimes insensitive.

 We all concentrate too much on how we look on the outer. We are all trying to impress the world of what we are and what we have yet we forget of our inner self that we’ve neglected for years. It is okay to be broken, to be imperfect, to be at wrong because it is just part of being human, so accept what you have inside you and learn to walk out of the darkness you are in. Learn the chemistry of your heart; what you really want rather than what you want to show the world.

Hatred only breeds more darkness; it is only love that brings you back to light once again. We all need a hand to pull us out of the darkness; could be a friend, a spouse, a parent or even a mentor. We all need a helping hand to show us the sunlight during the hard times of our lives. But nonetheless, the reality is that not always will we have a person to show that we are better than we think we are. Not always will we have a person who believes in our ability to light the world even with the mistakes done and our flaws but when you try create happiness in another person’s life or help them come out from their own darkness, you will eventually find your own way to light and finally find the inner peace.

Truly, you are just what you think about yourself. If you explore into your deeper inner self, if you fill your small world with your own light and thus lighting and colouring the lives of the people around you, if you believe that you can be better then you will be exactly that. Fill your heart with positive illusions about yourself, with time they will become your reality. Because you know it more than anyone else; You Are Better Than You Think You Are.