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Dear Future Husband,

Where are you man? These people are suffocating me right here ooof!

Oops! :p Assalam aleykum by the way 🙂

I hope you are doing well like I am right? Imagine I am having a CAT on sound engineering tomorrow in shaa Allah and this is what I am doing. This is what happens when the head gets saturated to its highest level. We call it uchokaji I wonder wherever you are what you call it?

I’m currently at my final year of university and life here couldn’t get crappier. But high school was heaven…but University? Just surviving. You know, this is what happens when your wife is out of everyone’s league and it gets to everyone’s nerves why i am so…oh well don’t you worry I am going to narrate all these tales of your legendary wife when right time comes by :p So what are you doing right now? I hope its something constructive and not in a dark corner with silly friends wasting time.

You can be rest assured on my loyalty to you. I am so damn loyal to you that some people be envying you 😀 I hope you are as loyal…or else…heh! The consequences of that won’t be easy; trust me. Hey by the way, I hope you not into drugs or discos or any of such crap. I don’t tolerate small minds.

Well jokes aside now, I have been waiting like in forever for that one person who would accept me for who I am and understand my stubbornness and paranoia nature. I have been waiting for that one person who would teach me  how to never get afraid, how to trust, how to let go and how to love. I have been waiting for that one person who would sincerely love me and care for and not just treat me with sympathy like everyone does. I have been waiting for that one person who will lead me in prayers, who would recite to me the qur’an until my heart melts(fingers crossed, I hope you have that kind of voice) :p I have been waiting for that one person who would bring me closer to Allah, who would want us to be together till jannah in shaa Allah. And I hope that one person is the you I’ve been waiting for.

I am just a very simple kind of girl with big dreams; not of fame, not of wealth but of a family full of love. I want us to be diplomatic parents; parents who will be so friendly with their kids yet have strict limits to everything. I want us to spend time together as a family. I don’t need a husband who will overwork himself such that the kids end up being strangers to you and vice versa. I want us to teach them morals and how to be upright. I want a husband who will be a dad to my kids and not just a father. I want us to train them how to be better than us; how to not re-live the same mistakes we did when we were young.

I have no big demands nor big wants; I just need a comfortable life, a simple life. I need you to be there after we get married, when I get the news that I’m expectant, when we finally have our first kid with us. I want you with me both during the happy and sad times. Don’t buy me a big house and let me wander in it in circles due to loneliness. Don’t let me live with my in laws always while you are rarely around. I don’t want to marry a big house nor to marry your family. We may as well live in an average house but still see you every morning so I make you coffee and every night so I can make you your favourite food for dinner.

I hope that is when the adventurous you will appear because i’m planning to make my life so hilariously exciting. I may be a frightened freak but i love the thrill of adventures like sky diving, mountain climbing…you know, that sorta thing. And fingers crossed again, do you play football? Or at least basketball? I’d love to be taught how to play that by you. I need not just a husband by name but a partner, a better half, a best friend…the love of my life.

The only way to win my heart is through my parents. My mum is so jovial…very easy to impress but my dad? You gotta earn his trust and love and when you are able to win his heart then you have definitely won mine. My family is the most important thing to me after Allah. Never forget that.

I am a lady with very high principles and very focused at that. If you are intelligent then you will understand me immediately, if not, maybe it will take you some time to do so. (I’m praying you are intelligent) :p I like people who are calm in dealing with problems, people who can control their frustrations and talk it out calmly like adults. I hope we will be able to face our challenges, hand in hand, in that same calm way. I want us to face these challenges and not run away from them. I really don’t like the idea of a man running away from his responsibilities,  from facing and correcting his mistakes. Remember, accepting your mistakes is half way correcting the mistakes.

Well I am not perfect and I am not expecting you to be so either but I am hoping we will be able to complete each other because that is what love and marriage is. Maybe I am dreaming too much but here, they call me dreamer…but I hope you can prove them wrong and turn this into a reality.

I promise you that I have never been so attached to any unknown person like you and even as you remain like a shadow, I still pray for you wherever you are. I still pray that you remain loyal to the unknown me like I am loyal to the unknown you. We still have a lot to talk about. Catch you later. ..till then, may you stay safe till the day your shadow comes to light and I finally know who you are. May God bless you abundantly.


Lots of love,

Your other half 😉

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    Nice things for the future husband maa shaa Allah… very creative

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