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If given a choice, majority of people would choose never to die and want to live forever. As for the rest few who would choose death, then it is probably the holy ones for believe they have a chance to meet their Lord and probably the ones who are facing so much misery in their lives and they think that death would be a relief to them. But maybe we should take a minute and picture our lives without death. Many would like the idea of such a life; all of us with our families living happily ever after, right? This is the first thought that would come to mind but there is definitely more to it.Death is one of the most dreaded and hated things in life. We all don’t want our loved ones to part away from us and we all wish we could have our parents for as long as possible. But death was never predictable, whereas the old woman whom everyone thought would die in a few days, lived longer while the teen just got involved in an accident and passed away. That’s how unpromising tomorrow is because it may never come. Many tend to live in fear on how death would come to them. Would they suffer cancer, diabetes, AIDS or maybe a stroke would be the reason of their death? Or would their death be sudden like someone just slept and never woke up or he had an unexpected accident or he slipped down the stairs and died? We all wish we could know how our end would be and maybe prevent ourselves as much as possible from what is to cause our death.

If death never existed, that means that we would all be living with our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers and our forefathers! Just imagine the chaos that would be there. Father is suffering from cancer, grandfather is blind, great grandfather has Alzheimer; all in one house. Your father needs to be taken to hospital, grandfather needs you as his support around the house, great grandfather keeps forgetting and you need to change his elderly diapers. Not forgetting that your wife still needs you to provide a meal on the table and your children need to be picked from school.

Our forefathers would be walking in the streets like zombies with so much amazement and shock. The noise, the many cars going to and fro, the very tall buildings will all make them feel dizzy. But that’s not all, they see everyone talking with this gadget they call the cell phone and they imagine everyone is going crazy. Since our forefathers are expected to be almost like monkeys in the evolution theory, journalists would surround them in frenzy and the light from the cameras would make them panic a bit more. They would want to interview them day in day out to know how life really was during their prime ages.

More children are born every day and we are so occupied not knowing whether to tend to the new born baby or the fore fathers who need you too. If we are living in billions right now in the world, then definitely statistics would be filled until people get tired and decide to record the numbers of people as ‘to infinity’.

People like Hitler too would still be alive and maybe we would by now have had our ‘world war 102’ and the difference would be that no one dies in the wars, just injuries and defeat. Terrorists would all be busy trying to terrorize the whole world and the previous presidents would be flocking to vie for the presidential seat again; so probably the late president Kenyatta would still be alive and maybe he would have gone against his own son in the elections. How interesting!

Maybe death is really important and needed in our lives because the wisdom behind it is quite great. In the life of no end and no return, lies more misery than when we encounter death.


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