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The beauty of it all is that we have other options to bring ourselves back at our feet. God has given each one of us a talent or an outstanding skill that could get us independent in our own way. It could be that you have a golden touch when it comes to art or that you can design clothes and much more. Whereas many underestimate jobs like hawking but some people have that outstanding skill and they could sell much within a few moments. Your personal skill or talent could be a good source of a business idea so make the best use of what you’ve been gifted with.In this era where hustling is the order of the day, we need more ideas to draw the youth away from idleness and joblessness that has been a challenge for quite a long time. Many have studied to far extents in universities and colleges and yet still suffer from the widespread disease known as ‘hakuna kazi.’ Our government does have a part of the blame for not creating job opportunities for the youth but if we are all going to sit down and wait for some rich firm to miraculously realize your great capabilities and offer you a job, then we would all be jobless in our homes. Many people who are diploma and even degree holders ended up doing totally different jobs from what they studied. While some ended up digging in their shambas at their homelands, others were left with no other option but to sell water around and much more else could be mentioned.


You don’t have to be extremely rich to start a small business of your own. The first step is to identify a business idea. Check around your environment, what business would be suitable according to the conditions there? If you notice that people are lacking hardware nearby and have to go far to get the stuff then that could be something to start with or maybe it could be that there isn’t any saloon around. If you have a good hand in designing clothes then you could start a tailoring shop somewhere. Make sure not to go for very common things like opening a shop while five steps from your house there is another shop too. Think big and wide. Let your mind wonder around.


The second step is sourcing this new business idea. Acquiring the money could be one of the most difficult steps in entrepreneurship but nowadays things have been made easier for us. We have so many banks and youth groups that help the youth fund their new businesses and projects. It just needs a determined person to take the risk and go ahead with the plan.

The next step is putting the plan into action and starting the business right away. Organize the required resources and ensure that you are good to go.


Always remember to be patient for there will be many challenges on the way. It will obviously take some time before people start appreciating your work and be regular customers. Learn the tactics of luring your customers into your business by giving them the best customer care possible. Remember, without them (your customers) you indeed have nothing.


Competition will eventually come your way but you must be brave enough and innovative to ensure that your business never goes down.


There will be times you may undergo failure but that is a phase all business persons go through so never give up and yet instead, come up with new ideas; better than before! So the time is now; don’t take all the time in the world thinking again and again on what to do. Invest and let yourself grow!



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