Binti naji:

Is a mother to two lovely boys,has an 8 hour job, and a voracious reader turned into a writer by passion, the blog is literally about love, life and inspiration, we all wanna go out there and tell our stories and Bintinaji is one that finds solace in not only sharing her stories out there , but inspiring others who could be going through the same, Binti is more sentimental but tries to come to reality once in a while, “In our sad moments, we  become poets”-Anonymous , guess that is where it all started.

The  blog is as new as a few months old, is divided into poems, relationships section, parenting and general views or blog section.Go out there and show her some love now, will you? 😉




Salaam everyone! My name is Kadzo,and I am a lifestyle blogger from Mombasa currently residing in Nairobi, and my blog is basically an amalgamation of my experiences.It’s a place for me to express myself creatively whether it be through writing, photography, film or art. I can’t lie, i’m also such a style freak and i love to share my beauty,fashion and style favourites. Essentially,my blog is a channel for me to create and interact with other creative people in the world, and sometimes that means pouring my heart out in some very heart to heart types of posts.I know, i basically said a whole bunch of things on here but if i were to categorize what i do into a few words, those words would be Fashion, Faith and Lifestyle…and a whole bunch of awesomeness! I hope you check me out!

Shout out to Lubnah for being such an awesome sport and making this profile of awesome bloggers.Thank you!!!




Lalbiby Mansoor:



Fun. Quirky. Relatable!!!


As a writer, Lalbiby Mansoor lives in a crazy, magical world with outrageous expectations. She believes that paper will listen to you more than any human would. And for that, she started writing to open up her soul. She is an introvert, coffee addict, shoe freak and writes about anything that pops in her mind. She is very wordy and her blog is purely non professional!




Imran Abdallah:

Is a Computer Technology undergraduate studying somewhere in the wilderness of Central Kenya, who’s always either goofy or mature-ish depending on the mood you find him in.

After a  mysterious radiation accident, he discovered that he possessed an incredibly dangerous power that allowed him to string words together to form meaningful sentences and so he started his blog to test the limits of his new-found power.

He writes on just about any topic his mind wanders to and in any genre his heart takes to but his fascination with science means that you will occassionally find more than a few scientific quips thrown into his blog posts. Don’t hesitate to have a look!








A writer who enjoys reading. Motivated by challenges and experiences. He expresses himself through words on paper in poetic form.





Ibrahim Ochanda;


A -: Dreamer |Thinker |Ambitious |Cool |Blogger;  Ochanda, a full time comp. Scie. Student offers you access to the sanctuary of his mind. In his post you could read his mind through his thoughts, personal opinions and more than once his dreams. All of these captured beautifully in poems and well crafted articles ranging from social issues to political views.  The blog is more of a motivational forum through a unique way of writing.



There are many more writers, bloggers, artists, poets that are not mentioned here. Some are still carving their way to greatness while others already have their crowds. It’s just upon the readers to explore the Coast bloggers and see what goodies they have to offer!


A freelance writer, journalist, poet and blogger venturing mainly in social and community issues, study and analysis of behaviour and life, and the plight of the under-dogs in the society. 'I feed on human stories.'


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