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TAP…TAP TAP TAP… can you hear those sounds? TAP TAP TAP TAP can you hear those fading footsteps? How comes? How comes, I only hear them?? The place is too cold, too dark, too narrow. I look around and I see no one. The walls beside me are of sand and a piece of wood is above me. I look around once more in bewilderment. Where am i?? I try to call out my mother’s name, my father’s, my best friend’s name but my throat is totally dry. What’s happening? Two strange creatures appear-none I’ve ever seen. Can you see them? I’m petrified and I try to run away but I can’t move. There’s no space at all. The creatures stare at me, glaring hard at me. They make me sit upright.

“What did you say about this man Muhammad?” they suddenly ask me with voices I’ve never heard.

“I don’t know. I used to say what the people used to say about him.” I answer, but that’s not what I want to say. I want to say, I know Muhammad(PBUH) and I only said good about him-I even followed him, but my mouth says the exact opposite words.

“You claimed to be a Muslim, you vowed into Islam but neither did you pray nor did you fast nor did you respect nor did you obey…” the two creatures say.

They hit me with a metal hammer and my mouth screams out a loud bawl. Can you hear it? I think the animals do, for I hear the dogs bark and the donkeys braying. Can you hear them?

The place suddenly comes close together, tightening me…aaaah! My ribs…and now I realize something that stupefies me. I am in my grave!! Oh no! my mother is still mad at me and…all of yesterdays prayers I didn’t pray. Oh my Lord! Those girls I disrespected…and the phone that I stole…and my teacher, Lord please have mercy on me, I insulted him.

I cry in agony as the place grows darker and much much more narrow.

The two creatures appear once more again and I’m exposed to a huge screen. I see a large raging inferno and they say to me, “that will then be your home.”

I cry in pain, horror and shock. I wish that day never comes…I wish…I wish I had one more day on earth. I wish…I JUST WISH…
Note: Pray before you are prayed for, give before you have nothing to give, obey before everyone disobeys you, respect before your respect is stained and help before anyone offers you help. Care, care to the fullest, care to every word you say, each action you take, care for everything around you, everyone about you. Care for there is no other place you will ever care. This is the time to change for this could be your only opportunity. It’s never too late to repent a sin done…


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