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Every woman dreams of their Mr right; the knight in the shining armor, the man who would take a bullet for them but many a times it is the same man who stands behind the gun to pull the trigger.

 Domestic violence has been a common problem in centuries and never has a proper solution ever been brought up. Many women become victims of this kind of violence due to their illusionary assumptions that the man they love would never hurt them and in fact never bother to know the deeper hidden him before tying the knot.
Have you ever met a beautiful lady, with class and dignity, she is educated and money is never an issue to her but still you notice the red marks on her face and bruises on her hand which keeps you thinking; till when is she going to swallow all her pain? When is going to break free?
Majority of the women decide to stick to their abusive husband irregardless of his tormenting behaviours due to the deep love and loyalty with the statement ‘for better for worse’ imprinted in their heads. Others sacrifice their happiness and stay chained with the husband due to their young children who probably would never fathom why the parents divorced.
It is a sad and quite an irritating scenario when a man staggers into his home way past midnight; completely drunk while his family went to sleep with hungry, grumbling stomachs. To add salt to injury, he starts beating his wife, insulting her for no acceptable reason.
 This is it beautiful lady! It is time to break free. It is time to love yourself more than him. It is time you made this sacrifice so that your children have a bright, peaceful future free from violence. It may be hard at first at start your own life but it is worthwhile. You deserve better so go for it!

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