Assalam aleykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh good people,

Late last year, I did a study on ‘Understanding the Perceptions, Attitudes and Coping Mechanisms of Mental Health Issues Among Muslims in Kenya.’ Finally, we have the results:

To view the results, click here

To read a summary of the findings of the study, click here

To read the ‘Brief Mental Health Guide’ with contacts of Muslim therapists in Kenya, click here


I want to thank all the participants who answered the survey questions eagerly, all those who diligently shared my google form with their networks, my mentors & my very helpful supervisor; Dr. Francesca Bocca-Aldaqre. Thank you all for your continuous support, may you always be showered by Allah’s mercy and love, and may you attain peace of mind, ameen.

Kindly share this link with other participants & interested parties as well, and do subscribe to my blog. For any corrections, suggestions or feedback, kindly email me at: lubnah.abdulhalim@gmail.com.

Thanks! 🙂