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One year ago, my aunt was critically ill with diabetics and her leg had been mutilated thrice.Every evening at the end of my classes I would go to the hospital to check on her condition. She was my mentor and the only other person who deserved the name ‘mum’ after my real mum. So on one particular evening, my mum called me to rush to the hospital and check on my aunt. I was so tired just from class and didn’t want to meet that familiar hospital smells and cries that would always depress me. I refused to go but mum insisted that I should go. Dragging my feet, I got there and saw the critical condition of my aunt that she wouldn’t answer back when we talked to her. She was writhing in deep pain and I watched her helplessly. All I could do was hold her hand and silently pray. That was the last night I ever saw her for early the next morning she passed on. To date, I say to myself, if I didn’t go to see her on that night, then I would have hated myself all my life. Not because I would have changed anything but because it is those last moments beside her that really ever mattered.

Many a times we take what comes on our way for granted and always think that there are yet otherr chances to come. Like how we get a job opportunity not paying much but worth the take but let our arrogance take control over us. We would rather sit lazily around than take the little that we get. The worst part of it all is when you come to realization that you made a mistake and regret but life never offers you such a chance ever again.

How many times do we annoy our parents and bring them nothing but sadness, how many times we break the only true people who ever loved us, how many times do we postpone meetings and appointments, how many of brilliant opportunities did we have and yet wasted them?

Life sometimes may offer you another chance if you are lucky enough. Maybe you wasted your teen life in drugs and illegalities but then your star starts shining on you and you get counselled and rehabilitated and you get a new start for your life and be happy again but not everything in life is the same. Some things are not meant to return or be re-lived. It could be that that particular day that you decide to stomp out of the house while yelling at your mum could be the last time you ever see her.

Beware of people’s anger on you, you may never have the chance to apologize. Beware of not caring on what you do, there will always be a time whereby your actions will backfire on you. Beware of not showing your loved ones how much they mean to you, you may never get the chance to ever do so again. Beware of ignoring meetings or appointments, that friend of yours who is about to travel may just die on his way back. Beware of postponing what you can do today to tomorrow. Beware of all the things you take for granted. Beware before you become regrettably aware.

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