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Have you ever been called fat? Obese? Fatso? Or maybe stick, 1gb or any other kind of name related to your body size? Have you ever had people rubbing it on your face on how ugly you look because you just gained some weight or is too skinny? Well, you are not the only one.

It is always hurting and rather irritative when someone starts discriminating you by your weight or height. Many people end up having stress and being depressed for the comments they get from friends and relatives or colleagues. We tend to forget that we are all creations of people and each individual are beautiful just as they are. Sometimes the woman you laugh at for being obese could be suffering from hypertension or that very skinny boy could be suffering from diabetes. Yet still it isn’t a must that there should necessary be a reason for someone being fat or too skinny.

We can all remember as children at school, there would never miss that one boy or girl who was called fatso and everyone including the teachers would mock at their eating behaviours and body weight. The poor children always had a low esteem and are mostly exposed to bullying. Some end up hating themselves and their lives which makes them lock themselves up at home, with very few friends while others start extreme diets that rather becomes unhealthy at some points.

It has been noted though that it is mostly women who are hurt on how they are perceived in terms of body weight and height. Many take up strict diets to ensure that they lose much and never gain. The irony though is that some women, though very skinny, still deny themselves food for the fear of gaining weight. It is hereby that some become anorexic which is characterized by a phoebia of gaining weight.

For one to know whether they are underweight, normal, fat, overweight or obese you should calculate your BMI, body mass index, which is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. The weight of each person depends on their height too and that is why for example people who are both tall and fat, have big bones and thus the weight of the bones goes both to the height and weight. So this tests clearly shows in which category one is.

Gaining weight isn’t an awful thing as most people make it seem though it is important that one takes control of their eating habits such that they grow healthily.

For those who are overweight or obese, don’t be too sad on your situation. There are ways of keeping fit and dieting such that you may be in your right weight category. As for those who are underweight, start eating well and not just well, but healthily too. Keeping fit is better than dieting that could make you fall down due to extreme food reduction. Accept yourself as you are, which is most important.

What some people forget is that one mans poison is another persons meat. The person you may consider to be fat and ugly may still seem pretty to another person. The rest of the world should show appreciation to every fat person we know instead of being insensitive by mocking them. So today, we will make it special to celebrate all the fat, overweight, obese as well as the skinny underweight all over the world cheers to you! You are beautiful as you are!


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