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A wedding is one of the most important events in anyone’s life after birth and before death. Everyone anticipates this day in their lives and wants it to be perfect; like no other. The marriage ceremony comes with a lot of merry along; the preparations, the invitations, the event itself and the tiring aftermath. Everyone looks forward to such an event. People go up and down to get the most unique attire to outshine everyone else in the ceremony while the bride and bridegrooms’ family busy themselves with preparing the couple, the bride’s maids, the food and much more. The event is as hectic as possible but this differs from family to another. While others would just go for a simple event whereby the bride and groom just go to the court with their witnesses and tie the knot as silently as possible, you won’t miss those who want a wedding that would strike people’s minds for the rest of their lives.

There are those who have gone to the extent of wearing a wedding gown worth hundreds of thousands and even a million; just for the white piece of cloth to be worn in one single day. To some, that may be termed as extravagance while to others, this is what we call, living it up to your best! If you have the money, why not?!

It has always been upon your pocket. There are those who have the cash and they do that major wedding to be written by many primary school students in their compositions for quite some years to come. They would invite up to a thousand people or more with the media personalities available too to capture the story. The bride and groom would come on a brilliant looking horse and the brides maids are wearing what seems to be like real diamonds. The food is spectacular and enough to feed twice the population available. Everything is so much beautiful and amazing but the most interesting part is when you come to realize that all the money used is from a loan or borrowed from some friends. Worse still is that maybe people had to do a major harambee for you to do all this while maybe your parent is sick and hasn’t been able to afford the hospital funds for months now or can’t even afford to buy some food for the family. Whereas that harambee could have been quite appropriate and useful if done for the sick parent, the huge amounts of money are used on a one or two day event.

I really admire those people who scratch their backs only where their hands can get to. Those people who simply go direct to the court with their witnesses and sign the papers and enjoy just to their abilities. It isn’t that they don’t want to have a big merry wedding but they know that in life, you should take it as it is. Others have used ‘tuk tuks’ and ‘mkokotenis’ (I actually saw this on news) to drive the newly wedded couple to the place where the event is taking place and these methods are quite unique in their own way. What is important is that the couple got to their destinations safely and sometimes the means don’t really matter.

Everyone has a different perspective of this. It is quite true that this important day should be made in such a way to be remembered forever by the bride and groom but yet still, priorities should be kept. It is rather ridiculous for someone to do such a huge wedding basing it on loans and then right after that, you two are all alone with huge debts to pay and maybe, you don’t even have utensils yet in your house kitchen or the bed you are using is borrowed. Some live for a lifetime without being able to complete the wedding debts. Worse yet, is when after such a huge wedding, a divorce happens in a spin of a year only! How sad that is!

Marriage is a whole new life being started from scratch and before taking huge loans to make big weddings, one should consider where they’ll be living first. Do we have the necessities in a house? A bed, some chairs or maybe a mat, some flour in the store? Such are the things one should consider first before anything else because taking priorities is quite important in a new life.


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