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As they say it, time waits for no man and if you think of it, wasn’t it just Monday yesterday? When did it get to Friday already? Days, hours, minutes, seconds fly past us like wind and eventually leave us behind still wondering; when did it get so late?

It all seems like just yesterday when I got admitted to the kindergarten and how I really cried for my mother, proceeding to primary school, secondary school to adulthood whereby everyone expects you to be a responsible being. But who could ever believe that those are so many years back and all what we are left with are memories and probably regrets of what we should have done and what not.

As the clock goes tick-tock tick-tock and as the finest sand trickles down the hour glass, did we ever pause to imagine the wisdom behind our Creator creating us with the abundance and yet still, limitation of time? It is for this reason that we must be organized and arrange how to spend our time wisely. In the time factor, we have two kinds of people; the organized being and the procrastinator.

An organized individual knows how to use time wisely. He is the kind that since his youth age already has a time plan of life. He would write down his dreams and goal and set time limits for himself. He has set a time for everything; what age to study, what age to work, when to get married, when to make a family, when to retire etc. He knows when he is to wake up, when he is to prepare himself to go for job, what time to leave the house and when to get there such that they arrive in time. It is such people that always know how to divide their schedules such that they have time for work, time for family, time for entertainment and everything in such an orderly manner. They barely have regrets in the time factor for they make the best use of it. They are the same kind of people who made the best use of their childhood, playing all kind of games and having fun all children need. They make use of their youth; creating amazing memories, doing great things that will always be remembered by the society, making time for studies and merry as well. When they got to the working age they immediately start hustling and looking for ways to learn a living. They get married and have a family when they are surely ready to take such responsibilities and finally retire in peace with no regrets of the time or opportunities they wasted.

The other kind is the procrastinator; the lazy being. He is the type that races behind time and expects the hour clock to miraculously stop for his sake. He would wake up late and blame everyone for not waking him up. He takes everything at ease and even when he is in a crisis, he wouldn’t refuse an invitation from friends to party instead of looking for a solution to his problems. If he is a student, he would procrastinate his study sessions each time for invalid reasons like watching a TV series that they can’t miss or a movie. Such a person doesn’t even have a purpose in life and such, ends up doing a lot of the wrong things before finally realizing their goals in life. They get to regret a lot due to the time and opportunities they wasted by being ignorant. They made so many wrong choices and hanged around with the wrong lazy people who were but enemies of time.

Time will never advise us but instead it will only give us time to correct ourselves but this is only possible if the Time-keeper himself wishes! So let us make a wise use of the much or little time we have because we can never guess when the end of our times will be!


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