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Have you ever met the two faced being? The one with such sweet words that can entice you so much, make you trust them completely and make you eventually fall into their traps? That person who is an angel to everyone’s eyes and is loved by all yet he is the devil himself??

In this world, human beings have proved to be the most sophisticated creatures; very difficult to comprehend. While the best of personalities and the worst have always been known, there are those who are the best and yet still, the worst at the same moment. Such a person may come to you like an angel in disguise. He/she might help you tirelessly, spend money on you, and give you a shoulder to cry on and much more. It is that person who may stand by your side when everyone else left, gives you words of encouragement and makes you to take decisions you never thought of.

This person would really play the ‘friend’ part so well and make you think that everyone else is a hypocrite behind your back. He/she can make a wife quarrel with her husband; he can make family get apart and make friends hate each other forever. He will tell you so many lies about different people in your life and maybe even approach the others and do the same about you. He/she is a slanderer.

The strange part about them is that there is nothing they really want from you. They don’t gain anything from destroying anyone’s lives apart from the pleasure they give their ego. They just find it fun to play around people’s life, make it when they can and destroy it when they can. It is even sad how you can find such a person seated amongst important people, all listening to his spiced words, praising him of his wisdom and big heart yet it is a heart only with a cover of golden linen while inside him, he is rotten.

For a moment when you warn others about that person, they wouldn’t believe you and claim that you are the bad one slandering him/her. They will not listen to you because they have also fallen into the enticing trap; because she has a miraculous charm on people. Not until they come into the same regrettable situation like yours or give it a whole lot of time to listen and think about your words is when they will believe that you are right.

Many have been victims of this two faced being whom we considered our best pals and our family more than our real blood. When we finally come to know them in their real colours, it is often too late; after we broke friendships and ties, after taking big regrettable decisions, after hurting our loved ones, after our lives have totally collapsed to nothing. Their pleasure is to see you helpless, crying alone, with no one beside you, bankrupt, with an ill opinion by other people and with a lot of pain and unhappiness.

It is for this reason we are supposed to be smart when dealing with people. We are to understand a person and try to know their deeper intentions before really trusting or giving any person an upper hand than others. So beware of the two being faced who hovers around your life.


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