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There comes a time where maturity isn’t an option but a necessity in life. Maturity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to act like an old chap still living in the 19th century. It just means having a focus, acting smart and knowing what you really want or expect in life. Being matured means accepting oneself, accepting your social class, your problems, accepting your parents for what they are or who they are.

Maturity goes hand in hand with wisdom, courage, self esteem and determination. It is the ability to face challenges with open mindedness and bravery. It is the one thing that even adults do lack sometimes while some never depart their immaturity even when they have wrinkles all over their body.

If you are still ashamed to say that your mother sells vegetables at the market, if you keep acting like from a higher social class than you really are, if you keep running about discussing people or if you are driven by peer pressure then you are not really matured; sorry to say.

But this is actually what causes most teenagers and young adults to fall into depression; immaturity. Being a teenager comes with a lot of pressure from the friends we have, the people around us, the environment we live in and much of so. You probably have met a young adult hanging out with rich friends, skiving classes, going to party while the mother or father is at an office somewhere seated for more than three hours waiting to meet a person to ask for assistance so they can pay their kid’s fees. THAT is immaturity.

You have probably also met a young adult, who can be someone’s father any time soon, still under the influence of friends. I’ve never understood, why is it so difficult for people to say no? Why can’t we just have our own principles and be firm at that? Why do you have to start smoking because all your friends do? Or why do you have to have the latest designer perfumes just because all our friends have them? There was no rule that ever said that you have to do what people around you do or must have what your friends have. Maturity is the ability to be proud of who you are, where you come from and being content with that. Maturity is the ability to overcome influences and stand firm by your principles and beliefs. If a rich friend can buy all those good stuff then let them buy but before you go stressing your mum about buying the same things think about how much she is struggling for your sake. Maturity is buying what you need not what you want.

There is always a limit to everything and it is for you to show to the people around you that you have set limits to everything. Dont let people cross your line. Let them know there is time for everything; time to read, time to have fun, time to worship, time for friends and even time for family. Let them know you are brought up with the right principles. Till when will you let friends use you? Until when will you entertain people not worthy in your life? Until when will you keep pleasing people? Until when are you going to ignore your real life status? Until when are you going to ignore the struggles your parents go through for your sake? Until when…until when will you be immature? When are you planning to grow up??


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