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There is so much in Ramadhan that I love. Apart from God’s grace, mercy and blessings there is much more spiritual uplifting that automatically comes with the month. Maybe it is because this is the time that Satan is locked away from human reach or maybe that people decide to focus on straightening themselves in this month. But definitely what I love most is the change!

It is in Ramadhan that the boy, who doesn’t pray, prays. The girl who yells at her mother, watches her mouth a bit. The man who stays all night at maskani eating all the illegalities and drinks, comes back home early to his family. The woman who is always gossiping around and spying on people’s lives is settled in her home. The person who is always abusing and vulgar in their talk, learns to speak kind words instead. The meanest of them all, gives charity willingly. The one who commits adultery on normal occasions, controls himself/herself. The lady who is always in full time shouting make up and cologne walking aimlessly in the street with hair exposed in styles, is now as natural as ever without a scent from her and fully covered. The boy who is a thief restrains from it. The person who doesn’t even remember when last they read the quran, is now yearning to complete it several times. The prostitute is out of the roads. The liar is now encouraging others to speak the truth. The ones who never steps in the masjid to pray jama’a is now going there many a times and even praying the sunnah prayers. The masjids are now over loaded past the entries. The hard hearted ones are now forgiving each other and so much more. Glory be to God for the wonderful twist but then the question here comes, isn’t the Lord of Ramadhan, the same God you run away in all the other eleven months in the year?

This may be termed as temporary hypocrisy by some but I will call it the chance of a lifetime that such a Muslim is wasting. It may be wrong for anyone to change just for the one month, clear his sins account with God in this month and just by the coming of Eid, one is back to their old ways in full force. But maybe we should be more encouraging to them and to each other. Maybe the religious leaders and imams shouldn’t just concentrate on criticizing them but instead give them moral that they are doing great work and should continue on the same spirit. Tell the lady that she is more beautiful as natural as she is, fully covered. Tell the abusive lad that the kind words suit his tongue more. Tell the man he looks happier going home early to spend time with his family. Tell the prostitute she looks gorgeous as she is at the time…tell them so that one day one time after Ramadhan, they might remember the sweetness of Ramadhan and decide to change for good.

We might never live to see the chances Ramadhan gives us ever again. That is why I love Ramadhan and that is why I wish all year was Ramadhan!


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