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The human being was created in such a way that he is not perfect and continuously commits mistakes. Even the prophets brought to us did some mistakes in their spiritual mission. This just proves the real form in which we human beings were created. But the most significant thing before God is when a person continuously tries to become a better person. We sin, He forgives, we sin again, He forgives and we sin again and again but still He forgives us. So where is the problem? The problem is with us who don’t appreciate that God is being merciful and take the second chances with appreciation. For change to take place you must go through a process, it can’t be in one or two days. It may be in months or even years for one to achieve one’s own ideal self. The following is one of the processes to achieve good change in one self.

  1. Accept your mistakes

The human being is in most occasions stubborn when it comes to accepting their mistakes. You try to justify your actions again and again with lame reasoning while you know very well you are the one in the wrong. A small example is how a teenage will be scolded for watching Television when they had been asked to go study for an exam. Then the young boy or girl keeps justifying themselves by saying ‘I wanted to watch news, it’s also important knowledge’ or such excuses. The examples may go on and on how people would argue just so that they may not be the ones in the wrong. It’s high time we abandoned our pride and take responsibility of our mistakes.

  1. Taking responsibility of mistakes done

After you have accepted your mistake, don’t just sit and wail over it. Don’t cry over spilt milk and as the Swahili saying goes, ‘yaliyopita si ndwele tugange yajayo.’ That’s the spirit. If you tripped and made a woman pregnant, don’t ask her for abortion. Take responsibility of your actions with happiness just as you did the actions with happiness. That is just being humane with yourself and the people involved.

  1. Change the environment if necessary

Sometimes, the environment we live in is what affects our attitude and behaviour. If the place you are living is what influences you to keep over drinking, robbing people or any other evil acts then MOVE! For you to change then you must sacrifice and even though it may be tough, you have to close your eyes tightly and pretend not to see all the difficulty ahead. It’s all about being strong to overcome your weaknesses.

  1. Sieve out your friends

Friends make up an important part in our lives. They are the ones who make us who we are at most times. Friends may be good for our well being but they may also be the reason of our downfall, evilness, pain and so much more.

As a quote by Buddha says, “an insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”

Once you have decided to change, then do know whom to keep as a friend. You must reconsider each one of them one by one; who has always lead you to be a better you and who was the one who kept pushing you into doing evil. It is important you know who really makes a difference in your life. And by this, we don’t only mean friends as such; it may include relatives, colleagues or even parents.

  1. Follow up your change process

Once you have done all the above then make sure you follow up the process. Don’t get tired too early. Get near your God and have faith in Him. It is obviously going to be hectic for you but don’t you yearn for the peace ahead? It is going to be awesome. Just keep going and you will finally be able to kill the wicked you.


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